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This article explains how to reset your Google Cloud Print (GCP) integration, allowing you to start the setup process again from scratch.

You’ll generally only need to do this if you’ve set GCP up with the wrong email address and want to start again, or you’re having issues and want to start the install process again to make sure you did everything right.

1) Log into the PaperCut administration console
2) Head to Options → Mobile & BYOD
3) Untick the Enable Google Cloud Print integration option
4) Head to Options → Config Editor
5) Search for gcp
6) Clear the text from the following keys one at a time, hitting update once text has been deleted:
NOTE: Do not use the Delete button, this will delete the key altogether which could cause issues
- gcp.refresh-token
- gcp.robot-jid
- gcp.robot-refresh-token
- gcp.setup-complete

Once this is done, you can now go back to the Options → Mobile & BYOD page and start the setup process again.

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Article last modified on July 01, 2016, at 10:10 PM
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