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Set up quota allocations / automate print credits

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PaperCut NG/MF can be used to control and restrict users usage by allocating a quota or allowance (a budget), and resetting user balances at daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals. Different organizations call this allocating print credits, setting up a print quota, or creating a weekly printing allowance. For example, a user might be allocated $10.00 a month. This type of control is particularly popular in schools and universities.

Allocate a quota to a group (or multiple groups)

Users receive quotas for all groups to which they belong.

For example, Students and Student Newspaper groups are defined in PaperCut NG/MF, with $20/month and $10/month quotas respectively.

  • If a student belongs to both groups, they will receive a $30/month of quota.
  • If they belong to only the Students group, they will receive only $20/month.

If you allocate a quota on the [All Users] group, then all users in the system receive this quota in addition to quotas defined on other groups.

To allocate a $10.00 a week to members of the Students group:

  1. Click the Groups tab.
    The Group List page is displayed.

  2. In the Actions menu, click Add/Remove groups.
    The Add/Remove Groups page is displayed.

  3. Add the Student group if not already listed.

  4. On the Group List page, select the Student group.

  5. In the Quota Scheduling area, complete the following fields:

    • Period—select Weekly
    • Schedule amount—enter 10.00.
    1. The Group Details screen
  6. If you do not want users to be able to “bank up” their quota allowance, select the Only allow accumulation up to check box; then enter a maximum amount that can be accumulated. Allowing accumulation can lead to excessive use at certain periods of the year, such as the end of semester

  7. Click OK.

Credit is assigned to group members at just past 12:00am (midnight) on the day of the schedule. Administrators can verify that this has taken place by inspecting log entries in the Application Log and/or users’ Transaction Log.