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Real-time print analytics, insights and forecasts.

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Forecast printing supplies

Never run out of paper and toner again!

By monitoring print jobs, PaperCut Views gives you the power to stay ahead of your business's printing needs.

Whether you need to order supplies for a quick top-up or want to budget for the whole year, the intuitive forecast will let you know what you need.

PaperCut Views Paper and Toner Forecast Alert Pop-ups.

Understand how you print

Find printing insights with PaperCut Views.

See who prints the most, when the peak printing days and times are, and even the busiest printers.

The top tips from PaperCut Views might even reduce your printing headaches! And with your printing DNA revealed, you can start to make changes to help cut costs and reduce your impact on the environment.

View all your printers in one place

Print insights and visibility with PaperCut Views

With a live status for every printer, there will be no more need to run around checking each device one by one. You'll minimize printer downtime, and maximize uptime.

Be on top of paper jams, offline printers, or low toner before the complaints roll in. You'll be the office hero in no time!

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  • Works with all major printer makes and models
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