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Integrations & customizations

We’re all for people making things that make PaperCut better. That’s why we have one of the biggest collections of third-party integrations around.

They’re all tried and tested with our customers, so give them a whirl to take your PaperCut solution to the next level.

PaperCut integrations and customizations

Modern software today doesn’t stand alone. The great solutions all support an active ecosystem with contributions from many partners.

We make available a public open API to both our customers and partners. This section covers some of the amazing tools our partners have created with our API as well as general information about integrations and customizations.

APIs, customizations, and integrations allow you to do incredible things, anything from automating a specialty task that you need for your organization to integrating with payment gateways like PayPal through to automating your printing budgets into your accounting software like Quickbooks.

PaperCut helps support you by integrating with the systems that you use
PaperCut helps support you by integrating with the systems that you use

The guide to PaperCut’s integration technologies

Area Description
Payment gateway Payment gateways allows students to transfer real money into their virtual print balance account. A good example is PayPal integration, which allows using a credit card to transfer printing credit to your printing wallet/purse.
Payment KIOSK / Terminal Third party hardware that allows you to pay physical money and have it transferred directly to your PaperCut printing account (top up or recharge your account). Kisosks/Terminals are often required in universities where it is a legal requirement to accept cash.
Accounting systems It’s popular in business to automate the process of copying printing costs into accounting systems. This allows businesses to bill for printing costs by account, department, faculties, clients, and projects.
It transfers the accountability of printing costs from IT to the individuals responsible for printing.
Practice management systems Printing costs in law firms are often managed by a practice management system such as Leap Legal and Salesforce. These systems can be automated so that costs are transferred directly to the relevant client.
The list of client accounts (client matter) is automatically used to generate the shared accounts charging list in PaperCut.
Access card readers Many organizations use physical RFID cards for door security access. These cards can also be used for secure print release. There are many standards for RFID and different card readers are required to read different cards. Some popular proximity card standards include HID, MYFARE, and INDALA. PaperCut works with major card readers to ensure that the hardware is compatible.
Co-working space Printing is an essential service that is usually provided by co-working offices. Because the service is shared, it’s important that it is fairly billed back to clients. The printing costs can be calculated on a monthly basis and automatically put into the billing software used by the co-working space. There are a number of co-working space software platforms that can be integrated with all of PaperCut’s products.
Industry-specific Document Management Systems (DMSs) PaperCut’s one-touch scanning system (with OCR) can be interfaced with a number of leading industry specific DMSs. This provides a very easy way to ensure that paper-based records can be managed in electronic systems.
API Application Programming Interface that developers use to control software. PaperCut MF and NG have APIs for most programming languages such as C, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, and Go. There is also a web services and a command line variant for Bash and PowerShell scripters.
Yes, you have the API provided by the Windows print spooler and the CUPS print system — but PaperCut allows you to do so much more!
Coffee pots It wouldn’t be a technology page if we didn’t mention coffee. We are still brewing up this integration but we needed a coffee first.
It’s amazing what you can do with creative use of APIs.
Data Integrations PaperCut MF now comes with Data Integrations: a new feature that allows you to export daily usage data from PaperCut MF into various 3rd party tools for - graphics, reporting, BI, or accounting systems.

Integrations & customizations in detail