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Secure printing

We’ve made security a cornerstone of our products from day one, so peace of mind is as simple as hitting ‘print’ from any device, printer, or app.

PaperCut print secruity overview

Secure printing 101

Businesses spend billions on IT security and firewall protection every year, but some of the biggest (and simplest) security wins actually sit right under our nose at the printer.

It all begins with a fundamental understanding of a print job’s journey from submission to collection.

The print lifecycle

The print lifecycle outlines what happens to a print job before, during, and after printing.

  1. Before printing – securing your print infrastructure (who can print, what they can print, and so on).
  2. During printing – securing print workflows (security of the printing process itself).
  3. After printing – securing printed output (protection of documents out in the wild).
PaperCut print secruity overview

Core secure printing

Now that you’re familiar with the all-important print lifecycle, let’s explore different print security features and how they apply to the three stages of the print lifecycle.

Foundational and advanced security features

Broadly speaking, security features are classified as either foundational or advanced.

  • Foundational security features are measures that every organization should implement.
  • Advanced security features are optional measures you can implement for A+ security.

This table outlines how you can implement the features into the print lifecycle.

  Foundational Advanced
Before printing Authentication
Access control
Access policies
Behavior alerts
During printing Secure Print Release
Find-Me printing
Card authentication
Two-factor authentication
Device error handling
After printing Print log auditing
Behavior reports
Digital signatures

Secure printing in detail

Print security can be a boring and dry topic, but then again when it comes to security, excitement is probably the last thing that you want :-)

Jump into the following subsections to further explore each secure printing feature mentioned above.


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