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PaperCut NG Trial 19.1.5 - 292 MB

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PaperCut NG Trial 19.1.5 - 325 MB

PaperCut NG Trial 19.1.5 - 325 MB

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Getting started Q & A

Is the trial fully functional?

Yes, PaperCut NG will fully operate for 40 days.

What is included with the trial?

All downloads include the user manual and client software for Windows, OS X and Linux workstations.

What platform does the trial work on?

Supporting all platforms, including Windows (64-bit and 32-bit), OS X servers (the system hosting the print queues) or Linux x64 (64-bit) servers running CUPS or Samba print queues and Novell OES Linux servers running iPrint, CUPS or Samba print queues.

What happens after 40 days?

Got the go ahead to purchase? Buy a license online or from your PaperCut reseller.

How do I keep the trial running after 40 days?

Install your purchased license file in the About page to continue to operate without losing your install and configuration.

What if we take longer than 40 days?

We understand that purchase decisions can take a longer than the trial. Don't worry, there's no loss of data as PaperCut keeps running in the background.

How much does it cost?

PaperCut NG pricing is based on the number of users (not servers), and industry you're from. A one off payment with no obligation to upgrade and no annual fees.

I'd like to try but don't want to install it yet in production?

We agree, installing trials on live systems can ring alarm bells! Consider a standalone machine or VM if you're keen to have a quick play. If you're installing on a production system, we recommend setting up in "silent monitoring" mode by ensuring you don't yet set up any limits or quotas.

I like PaperCut NG, but want to manage my devices. Can I experience PaperCut MF?

You sure can. We'll put you in touch with our awesome partners who help set up and support your unique PaperCut MF configuration. Get started here.

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Organizations of all shapes and sizes rely on PaperCut

  • Coveris
  • The University of Melbourne
  • PSL Group
  • UK Wealth Management
  • Wall Templeton
  • "By implementing scripts for color saving and assigning print jobs to central accounts we reached £50k in savings in just thirteen months! Papercut just keeps getting better with every release."

  • "With well designed interfaces and an excellent support service, we have implemented PaperCut University-wide and have been tracking student printing and saving on costs since 2008."

  • "We were looking for a cost-effective product that would cut our printing and consumables costs... and here it is! PaperCut does a great job and the easy installation and configurations makes it even more attractive."

  • "We need to make intelligent decisions about our print management as well implement a solution for accurate recharging and to raise awareness of the financial and environmental cost of printing. PaperCut ticked every box and then some and slotted perfectly into our network environment."

  • "PaperCut is a huge time-saver - with easy access straight from the desktop, it maintains all of our print management accounting for us and provides excellent print security."