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What is Web Print and how does it work?

Web print, internet print, browser print… Whatever you want to call it. You’re trying to do the same thing. You want to print from an internet page.

There are multiple software options that enable web browser printing if it’s not currently working for you.

What’s the latest and greatest release of PaperCut MF?

In a previous post I talked about how to discover which version of PaperCut MF is running on your server.

Now we have that information, we need to know the latest released version from the PaperCut website to see if there is a new release to install.

Managing a print fleet in a multisite environment

Managing a fleet of printers and copiers in your office is no simple task. Now imagine the stress of managing a print fleet across multiple locations.

That was the challenge facing Nantes Métropole; a council district in France’s sixth largest city, Nantes.

What is cloud print?

What is cloud print is a simple question. But the answer is a little complicated.

Are you searching for print enablement over the internet? Or are you looking for print management in the cloud?

Or even both?

Automate your PaperCut MF upgrade review process

When you are a PaperCut MF or PaperCut NG administrator you need to make sure your software is up to date.

I am lazy, so let’s write a script that will create a job ticket when
a new MF release is available and assign it to the appropriate person,
so they get prompted to investigate.

Sysadmin vs CEO: who wins? #SysadminDay2022

Who’s more important to a business? The CEO or the Sysadmin (System Administrator)?

To answer that hard-hitting question, and to celebrate System Administrator Appreciation Day 2022, I spoke to PaperCut CEO, co-founder, and former Sysadmin, Chris Dance on the Print Geeks podcast.

What is print management?

There’s more to printing than dots on a page. IT workers need to manage devices, print output, costs, information security, and end-user printing behaviors.

Print management is the business practice of monitoring and tracking printing. 

Print Geeks 021 | Print management vs print enablement

It’s about time we stepped back and addressed a simple question: what is the difference between print management and print enablement? And just in case, what is print management and print enablement, anyway?

PaperCutter veteran of 12 years, product manager Jason Clarke, delves into this question and taps into his former life as a SysAdmin to provide the answer.

Print Geeks 020 | The Doctor’s July check-up

Welcome to a new monthly series on PaperCut’s Print Geeks podcast, the Doctor’s check-up.

Join Doc Ballje as he provides a monthly summary of PaperCut product, feature, and program news.

Whether you’re a sysadmin, end-user, Authorized Partner or Reseller, The Doctor provides the right dose of medicine for your print ailments.

PaperCut launches Forest Positive printing program PaperCut Grows

PaperCut is now solving the second half of the print equation with our Forest Positive printing program, PaperCut Grows. Available with our flagship solutions PaperCut MF and PaperCut Hive, joining PaperCut Grows means businesses can more than replace the trees used to make the paper for their essential hardcopy documents.

Now, pressing print with PaperCut means you’re planting trees.

PaperCut “grows” with version 22.0

PaperCut “grows” sustainable printing in version 22.0.

Improved accessibility, enhanced admin login page, scanning, compression options, and the arrival of our Forest Positive printing program, PaperCut Grows.

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