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Cloud print management for Small & Medium Businesses

Utilize the cloud for smooth, secure printing, reducing both costs and IT workload.

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Set up, manage and optimize printing with just a browser. Any location, any printer, any OS.

leverage your current set up

Your tech toolbox, your print needs

Enjoy the flexibility of printing from any device, wherever you are. Bridge any technological gaps to ensure a seamless and reliable printing experience for users.

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Leverage your users identity and workflows

Automatically add new users and facilitate printing quickly by syncing with Google Workspace and Microsoft Entra ID.

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Quickly onboard users and guests on any device

Consistent and driverless printer set up on Chromebooks, Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows devices in any combination.

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Print from anywhere to any printer

Whether at a cafe, another office, or at home, users print at their convenience and retrieve documents later in the office.

Easy printing

Link users to any printer within minutes

Say goodbye to the hassle of configuring servers, hardware devices, or asking people to set up drivers. PaperCut Pocket handles everything for you, harnessing the power of the cloud, for swift, server-free printing without complications.

print deploy radar icon

Automatic printer discovery

No need for either IT admin or users to stress about drivers, regardless of users’ locations or printers they use.

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Tailored user onboarding

Enable self-service user onboarding through email invitations or deploy an end-user client via Intune and Jamf, all managed by IT admins.

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Your print queues in one place

Create, deploy and monitor Direct, and Secure Print Queues from a web-based admin console.

Secure printing

Protect documents end to end

Ever had the issue of forgetting to collect important printouts like payroll documents? That won't be a concern with PaperCut Pocket. Utilize mobile devices to securely release prints to make sure the right documents end up in the right hands.

Key and lock icon

Before: Access control

Regulate printing access to manage who can print, when, and where, ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Shield icon

During: Secure release

Retrieve your documents securely at the printer by scanning a QR code with your phone or using NFC technology, similar to mobile payments.

Paper and person icon

After: Watermarking

Reinforce document ownership and encourage responsible handling by adding a username watermark or digital signature.

Responsible printing

Shrink your footprint and your bills

Giving back to the earth and your printing budget, PaperCut Pocket boasts eco-friendly policies perfect for small businesses — so you can use less paper, save on toner, and make sustainable habits the status quo.

binoculars icon

Boost visibility

Understand who, when and where print with print tracking and usage insights.

decrease paper doc icon

Prevent recycling bin overflow

Cut waste with policies to manage print access based on user, time, and location.

ringing bell icon

Promote sustainability

Give users a friendly nudge to print 2-sided or black & white with responsible reminders.

Secure data for peace-of-mind printing

Cog icon

Choice to retain printouts within the local network

lock key icon

Documents are encrypted both in transit and rest

World icon

Keep your data stored in your specific region

Certificate icon

PaperCut is an ISO 27001 compliant organization

Flexible pricing

Pay as you go only for users who actually printed.

Monthly Subscription

  • Pay with your credit card for users who actually printed.
  • Improve security and confidentiality with mobile phone-based release
  • Easy users and printer set up for BYOD, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chromebooks
  • Enable smart policies to save waste and promote responsible use
  • Print tracking and control
Active Users Price per user (USD)
1-24 Users 2.00
25-49 Users 1.90
50-74 Users 1.80
75-99 Users 1.70
100-124 Users 1.60
125-149 Users 1.55
150-174 Users 1.45
175-199 Users 1.40
200 Users Speak with us

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PaperCut Pocket FAQs

All the things you want to know about PaperCut Pocket

Who is this free trial for?

Anyone who needs to enable others to print in your organization can take PaperCut Pocket for a spin. You could be the IT manager, admin, receptionist, office manager or the business owner can try it. If you are an end user and you'd like to use PaperCut Pocket for printing from your laptop, desktop or mobile phone, please, contact the right person in your organization who manages printing.

How long is the free trial period?

You can try PaperCut Pocket for 40 days and add your Credit Card at any time in order to start your monthly subscription.

Is this trial limited & what happens after it ends?

During the 40 days free trial you'll be able to benefit from all PaperCut Pocket features without any limitation including the Add-Ons available for this product. A notification will inform you a few days before your trial will expire and you'll have a chance to submit your Credit Card and purchase a subscription.

What size of organization is PaperCut Pocket suitable for?

PaperCut Pocket is built to scale easily and is suitable for any business size.

Can I print from Chromebook, Android, or iOS?

We support users printing on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS. Yes, even Chromebooks. Users and visitors just need to follow the simple steps in their email to download an App on their device. In no time they can use their device for printing.

How about scanning?

PaperCut Pocket and PaperCut Hive are both products designed for the cloud, with security in mind and built on the same cloud-based platform. In addition to all the features of PaperCut Pocket, PaperCut Hive offers the ability to enable and monitor scanning, as well as use swipe cards for secure print release. This is made possible through the cloud-based PaperCut Hive Printer App, accessible via the printer's touchscreen.

How suitable is PaperCut Pocket for a Google Cloud Print alternative?

Papercut Pocket can enable simple printing from any device, including your mobile phone. You can print anywhere, anytime and collect your job next time you are next to your printer; access control rules for who can access which printers and when; rules for Black & White or Duplex printing; and mobile pop-up messages to reduce waste by reminding people to print double sided or Black & White.

Will it work with my printer?

One of PaperCut's strengths over the last 20 years has been to support every printer and operating system. We've stayed true to this vision in this product. PaperCut Pocket works with every device and any printer or MFD.

Can users print from their phone?

Yes, we support printing from iPhone or Android mobile devices. Users just need to follow the simple steps in their email to download the mobile App. Make sure users know they need to be connected to the office WiFi network.

What about my visitors?

PaperCut Pocket's personalized email invitations help you to onboard anyone in minutes. Visitors can be invited, too, by simply typing their email address. They can self set up with step-by-step instructions in their welcome email, or they can just walk to any printer and scan the unique printer QR code.

How technical do I need to be to use PaperCut Pocket?

PaperCut Pocket is very intuitive to use. It's as simple as installing an application on your computer or mobile device.

Do I have access to upgrades?

This is a cloud service and as long as your subscription is active you will be running the latest version. The software and client automatically update when new versions are released, you will always have the latest version.

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