Printing for pharmaceuticals & health manufactures

Printing for life sciences that just works

Protect your valuable intellectual property and reduce your operating costs.

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Print management software that solves your unique regulatory requirements

Manage all your organization's print-related needs from a central location and ensure confidential information remains private.

Manage access to your printers

With just a few clicks and an email, you can have new members set up in seconds. It's just as easy to remove them later.

Meet regulatory compliance requirements

Utilize smart features such as audit logging for stronger compliance with HIPPA, GDPR, CCPA, and GxP.

Secure your intellectual property

Predict, prevent, detect, and if necessary contain security issues. Trace any printed page's origin, author, and job details.

Reduce costs and resource usage

Consumers and Governments are flexing their influence to reduce environmental impact. Reduce costs and resource usage using the smart rules included in all PaperCut products.


Features that just make sense

PaperCut products have a broad base of features that can help you create a customized print environment that works best for the type of business you run. Here are some features that we think work great for organizations such as medical device manufacturers, biotech, and pharmaceutical innovators.

A photo of someone's hand touching their office access card to a card reader that is connected to a Multi Functional Printer in order to release securely a printed document

Easy print deployment

Push the right queues and printer drivers to all of your users, including roaming users such as travelling sales reps.

Local and remote printing

Enable your teams to print natively from any application on any device, from any location, to any printer you've given them access to.

Find-Me printing

Prevent documents sitting in print trays. Users can send their print jobs to a single print queue and release their jobs from whichever printer they’re close to, whenever they want.

Scan to drive/cloud with OCR

Save precious minutes and get products to market faster by making scanned documents easy to locate and the information inside them easy to find.


Ensure secure access to your printers

Security is one of many competing priorities in the life sciences industry. Securing regulated and non-regulated content is paramount and PaperCut products cover all the bases.


Prevent documents sitting in print trays from falling prey to unauthorized eyes. Secure your organization's printing by enforcing users to authenticate using a unique PIN, their swipe card, or their mobile phone before they can release their jobs.

Audit trail

Predict, prevent, detect, and if necessary contain security issues. All of PaperCut’s products have job-by-job detailed print logs to allow detailed reporting of every print, copy, and scan sent through your printers.

Print job traceability 

Trace any printed page to the exact entry in the job log to find the origin, author, and details of the print job. Expose these details in a watermark, or be discreet and use a digital signature (unique code) for every single document. This promotes personal accountability for each document a user prints.

A photo of someone touching a Multi Functional Printer touchscreen with embedded software PaperCut Hive

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