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Focus on the health of your patients, not your printers.

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Secure critical patient records and future-proof your processes – all while cutting costs and waste.

Printing security protects your patients records

Protect patient records with 100% confidence

With your patients’ confidentiality second only to their well-being, protecting sensitive information is critical.

Features like Secure Print Release ensure jobs are only printed when your user arrives at the print area and confirms his or her identity. Don’t know which print area or printer to send your job to? Find-Me print enables users to send their print jobs to a single print queue from their computer or device, and release their jobs from whichever printer they’re closest to, whenever they want. And if this is one of those 15-20% times a print is never released, we securely delete it.

Make printing easy with PaperCut

Make printing easy

We’ve got truckloads to offer, from industry-leading third-party integrations with EMR systems, to easy queue management with Print Deploy.

Our new Epic App Orchard integration, Mobility Print, and features like Print Deploy, are all made to make printing easier for you. Our solutions are simple to install and use – no matter your size, your printers, or the devices and operating systems your users bring to the table. Everything just works. Enable users to print from approved BYOD devices using our easy to install Mobility Print. Easily manage print drivers across complex networks with Print Deploy.

Reduce healthcare printing costs with print management

Drastically cut costs and tighten budgets

With plenty at stake, your staff have more important things to consider than the financial impact of printing.

PaperCut shrinks this impact with full visibility, tracking, and tools for change. Use cost-effective policies like duplex printing, run automatic built-in reports, and collect insightful data to install efficient printers in the heaviest use areas.

Assist your organizational compliance programs

Assist with compliance

PaperCut uses leading security features to comply with major regulatory bodies like HIPAA.

End-to-end visibility is a foundation for IT security. Why? Because it lets you predict, prevent, detect, and if necessary, contain security issues. PaperCut MF has print visibility as a core feature; it keeps job-by-job audit logs for every print, copy, and scan sent through your printers. Digital signatures, watermarking, and audit trails are also built-in features to help you bolster your compliance standards you already have in place.


Securing Patient Health Information

For CIOs, CISOs, or CTOs in the healthcare sector, security is one of many competing priorities vying for investment. Print management can be an unlikely hero with some of the biggest wins for security leaders looking to do more with less.

Avoid misplaced and misprinted PHI with Secure Print Release. Authentication at the device is the critical step here, to ensure the system knows the correct user is genuinely at the device and to release only the documents a user has selected via the screen. The user now controls what is released and when... the when being while they're standing there.

eople relaxing as PaperCut makes printing easy for end-users
eople relaxing as PaperCut makes printing easy for end-users


Ensure time is spent on more pressing matters

Healthcare workers are always-on "ready-to-save-lives-in-any-situation-twenty-four-seven" kind of people. As a technology professional, you need your infrastructure to match that lifestyle.

PaperCut empowers you to make printing easy for end users, whether they're printing from a mobile device or a standard workstation. We’ve got truckloads to offer, from industry-leading third-party integrations with EMR systems like Epic, right through to easy queue management with Print Deploy.

Read our Epic KB

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Securing how you send information

75% of medical communication in the U.S. today happens via fax machine. That’s right, faxing. That’s roughly 17 billion individual documents sent via fax machine. So where does PaperCut make this workflow easier?

A new scan action in PaperCut MF to allow users to send a scanned document as a fax through their preferred fax provider. We provide two options: Basic SMTP delivery or Advanced (and more secure) API driven delivery.

Read our Scan to Fax KB

Healthcare print management solutions

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PaperCut products are trusted by healthcare providers all over the world.

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Get complete control and visibility over print, scan, copy, and fax to realize your full printing potential.


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We replaced an entire fleet alongside the rollout of PaperCut, which is a hassle, but all I hear from our engineers now is how much they like it . It’s really taken away the headaches.

Mark Walker

IT Manager at KLM UK Engineering (UK)

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