The best prescription for patient security

Introduce always-on printing to keep vital information at the ready, and patients your number one priority.

Print management for the healthcare industry

Solving your unique needs

Secure critical patient records, print around the clock, and future-proof your processes – all while cutting costs and waste.

Printing security protects your patients records

Protect patient records with 100% confidence

With your patients' confidentiality second only to their well-being, protecting sensitive information is critical.

PaperCut uses leading security features to comply with major regulatory bodies like HIPAA. Authorize release at the closest printer to reduce uncollected printouts, sync printing access with area access cards, and create audit trails with watermarks.

Reduce your printing downtime with PaperCut

Print without interruption 24/7

Files and forms need to be readily printable to keep patient discharge and other key procedures efficient.

PaperCut prevents printing downtime through robust system resilience. Implement leading High Availability measures like backup servers and clustering, and set up Mobility Print to give staff on-the-go printing from any device.

Reduce healthcare printing costs with print management

Drastically cut costs and tighten budgets

With plenty at stake, your staff have more important things to consider than the financial impact of printing.

PaperCut shrinks this impact with full visibility, tracking, and tools for change. Use cost-effective policies like duplex printing, run automatic built-in reports, and collect insightful data to install efficient printers in the heaviest use areas.

Support your digital transformation

Digital initiatives like moving your files to the cloud are key to giving your patients efficient, effective care.

PaperCut empowers your digital shift by integrating seamlessly with Electronic Medical Records solutions such as Epic and Cerner. Scan directly to folders and cloud destinations, and quickly search and edit documents with OCR (optical character recognition).

PaperCut print management solutions for the healthcare industry

PaperCut products

PaperCut products are trusted by healthcare providers all over the world.

Healthcare print management solutions
Our feature-packed flagship solution

Get complete control and visibility over print, scan, copy, and fax to realize your full printing potential.


Customer stories


When I was asked to report on the cost savings of PaperCut, it was a real 'wow' moment. It was one of the first times we properly looked at the financial impact, and we'd saved millions.

– Kenny Stanger, sysadmin at Baptist Health Care (US)

PaperCut is easy to setup, has great release cycles with new features, and always works... It's been a huge success for our organization.

– Ben Beamond, Burnside War Memorial Hospital (AUS)

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