As secure as printing gets

We've made security a cornerstone of our products from day one, so peace of mind is as simple as hitting the 'print' button.

How PaperCut protects your printing

Effective print security is more than just swipe cards. It's protecting your print job as it moves from you to the printer, during printing itself, and after it's been printed.

  1. Leading end-to-end encryption safeguards your job in transit from device to server, and server to printer.
  2. Secure Print Releases means only you get to give the go-ahead for release.
  3. Watermarks and digital signatures physically stamp your ownership.

"We've defined the best practice for security – not just in the product itself, but in an organization's processes, user behavior, and approach."

– Chris Dance, PaperCut Co-founder and CEO

Your one-stop security knowledge shop

Every time we learn something new, we create an article to capture it, and share it with those who want it: security-championing sysadmins.

So whatever your question, you're bound to find the answer here.

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