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Teaching's changed. Here's how print management can help

In our free “Printing in Education Guide” we’re going to cover education’s biggest printing problems, and how to solve them.

Teaching changed.

Print Management can save time

Installing printers and managing queues USED to be hard

Installing printers and managing queues for a school’s worth of users and operating systems can be laborious. We've got a fix for that - introducing Print Deploy.

IT helpdesk

Ease IT Helpdesk load

Save time by deploying print queues out to users. Your users can then easily find, select and install printers whenever and wherever they are, with an intuitive and fresh UI.

Flexible printing icon


Print Deploy is great if you have users moving between locations, needing access to printers on demand. But it’s especially great when you have a mixed computer environment and want an easy way to enable printing on all of them, no matter the operating system.

Save money icon

Save money and time

Cut costs by removing onsite directories along with related purchase and upkeep costs. Even better, reduce support tickets with this no-touch, easy to scale solution.

Print management can make printing easy again

Print any time, anywhere, with any device or operating system

Modern schools and workplaces are multi-OS (Operating System) and multi-device worlds. We’ve crafted solutions specifically for these environments – to keep both users and administrators happy. Name an operating system, PaperCut has been leading the way with cross-platform support for more than 15 years.
Desktop and mobile device

Suits any environment

PaperCut print management software supports all platforms equally. Our applications suit your operating systems, not the other way around.

Remote printing

Our free Mobility Print software enables Windows, Chromebook and Mac users to print remotely and outside your network by sending print jobs over the internet.

Print where you are

‘Pull printing,’ or ’tap and print’ — whatever name you may have heard before, Find-Me printing allows users to print to just one print queue via a universal driver. The users walk to the nearest printer that’s convenient to them, swipe their card, and hey-presto! — their print jobs will find them.

Print Management can secure your data

Shielding the print lifecycle

Schools are home to sensitive information for hundreds of students. But print security in schools isn’t about hackers infiltrating your network. The most common education print security “spills” are human errors. Understandable little lapses, but with major implications for student, teacher, and staff welfare.

lock and key con

Before: securing your print infrastructure

When considering end-to-end print security, it makes sense to start with the infrastructure that supports the printing processes. System access control, device and network security, and secure printing software are all pieces to consider.

secure print release icon

During: securing your print workflow

The simple forgotten document is so common it’s the most prominent print security leak. Secure Print Release prevents data loss with a central hold and release queue. Your MFD will only print a document when that user is physically standing at the printer.

Shield icon

After: securing your printed output

Watermarking and digital signatures unlock accountability and visibility of your print jobs. Additionally, system administrators can access all information about a print job with print archiving.

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