There's a smarter way...

As a group we're proud of what we've achieved. Founded by two young software developers back in 1998, the youthful passion and start-up culture remains just as strong with us today. What drives us is very different to the corporate companies:

We have a purpose

It's not about profits and business metrics. It's about building strong long lasting relationships.

After 20 years we still have our first employees, first resellers, and first customers. Our success is not measured by a balance sheet, but instead by the impact we've had across 50 million end-users, 180 countries, and 60,000 organizations, ... and the trillions of pages we've saved.

Our secret

At PaperCut everyone is a trained coffee barista (so we've got that to fall back on if this software thing does not work out :-). Each day we stand around the espresso machine sharing ideas on how to be ...

Engineering Focused

Proudly driven by geeks, we develop great software.

Customer Driven

We don't follow. We let our customers drive us.

Nimble and Flexible

Our start-up way of thinking keeps us agile.

Quality Always

That last 10% gives a seamless customer experience.

Fuelled by Coffee

Our huge coffee consumption keeps us at the ready.

The PaperCut Australian team.

It all started with an overflowing recycle bin...

In the late 90's, our two co-founders Chris and Matt were university students, used to problem solving. It was a part time sys admin job at a local high school where Chris saw overflowing bins of printed paper - staff and students could print anything! Aha, the light bulb moment!

They set to work writing "a bit of code" to help the school monitor their printing and reduce waste, it soon spread like wildfire.


The idea is born and coding starts. NASA finds water at moon polar regions.


First version released and first international sale made. Space shuttle Discovery docks for the first time at the International Space station.


The company renamed to PaperCut (much better than our first name!). The iMac G4 is announced.


Chris and Matt leave their day jobs and start full time. The Huygens probe lands on Saturn's moon Titan.


First employee and complete rewrite of PaperCut's original code. Social networking service Twitter launched publicly.


PaperCut is now in 12 languages. Microsoft removes Clippy from Office.


First version integrated with MFD. Won contract to supply service to Harvard. Bitcoin is first proposed in a mailing list.


PaperCut's first company-wide coffee barista training. Longest total eclipse of the 21st century lasts 6 minutes and 38.6 seconds.


Skype's website designer helps us with our new green website. Apple release the iPad.


Winner of iAward for innovation and export achievement. Facebook goes public.


Outgrew existing office and needed to expand. The LHC confirms the long-sought Higgs boson.


Our founders win EY Technology Entrepreneur of the Year. A critical bug (named "Heartbleed") was found in OpenSSL.


PaperCut HQ finds a new home in bigger, better offices in Camberwell.

Our teams ...

Portland, USA

Nestled into the "Silicon Forest" of Oregon (with real pine trees and everything) gives us great (and weird) support across the Americas. The team loves great coffee and craft beer.
Meet the team...

Melbourne, Australia

Our 60+ team in Melbourne HQ feel right at home in Camberwell. Oh! And they all love coffee so much they have their our own cafe called /dev/coffee.
Meet the team...

London, UK

North of the big wheel and Big Ben sits our UK team of channel specialists. The office rounds out our support coverage of the vast Europe, Middle East and African regions.
Meet the team...

The PaperCut Family is more than us

We're proud of our partnership with our dedicated Authorized Solution Centers spread around the world. Our success is a result of global reach with local focus.

PaperCut's global team around the world.

We're all baristas at heart. Are you?

If you're ever in town, or want to join our team, the coffee's always hot. Our reception is a cafe called /dev/coffee. Drop in. Our door is always open.

Our Trophy Cabinet

EY: Entrepreneurs of the Year

iAward for Australian Export

BLI Solution Award

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