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Reduce waste + Plant more = Forest Positive

Transform your printing from an environmental impact to a positive force for ecological renewal.

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What is Forest Positive

Forest Positive is an evolution of the sustainability movement. It offers more than reducing waste or carbon emissions to achieve a neutral environmental impact. Forest Positive practises tip the scales into an environmental surplus.

Why Forest Positive matters

20% of current greenhouse gases are due to tropical forest destruction. The soldiers on the frontlines of the climate change war are the world’s trees. One mature tree absorbs more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. This creates enough oxygen for a human to breath for 2 years.

Unfortunately, due to climate change and deforestation, the amount of trees on the planet is shrinking every day.

With 30% trees cut down being used for paper processing, essential business printing needs to do more than minimize paper waste. We need to maximize positive environmental investment.

Planting trees


We plant trees to counteract your printing’s impact

Forest Positive printing is extending the Forest Positive evolution into the print space. It allows organisations to actively contribute to more trees being planted than those pulped into printing paper. Forest Positive printing moves beyond reducing waste and transforms essential business printing from a negative environmental footprint to a positive force for reforestation and ecological renewal.

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”

- Chris Maser


History of sustainability at PaperCut

Caring about the environment isn’t new at PaperCut, it’s embedded in our DNA. This company all started with an overflowing recycling bin at a school library printer. It was the motivation to write a bit of code to reduce waste for one school, and it quickly became a globally used software. 

For over 20 years PaperCut has created industry-leading print management software that reduces paper waste and saves trees for 115 million users in over 195 countries. To date, our solutions have saved 3.2B pages and 386,391 trees, and counting. 

But minimizing waste is no longer enough, we want to do more. We’re now solving the second half of the print equation. Forest Positive printing means we offer waste reduction and direct ecological action by offering customers a way to plant more trees than used by printing.

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Find out more about what’s driving the Forest Positive movement

Forest Positive is a global movement, and a targeted extension of sustainability. We’re just doing our bit to bring it to printing. 

The Forest Positive movement is bigger than us. Want to learn more about it? Look at these other initiatives in the space:

  • WWF - Responsible pulp and paper policies and targets with paper manufacturers - also check out their post on Creating a Forest Positive Future

  • IKEA - Forest Positive wood sourcing for the furniture industry 

  • United Nations - The Global Forest Goals Report 2021 outlines the importance of the worlds forests in achieving a sustainable tomorrow