Use our Knowledge Base, or website, or manuals!

We’re weird. We’re like a University of Print that publishes all of our course content, class notes and cheat sheets online - open for everyone to see.

Whenever we discover something in the world of printing - whether it’s a geeky printing fact, something in the PaperCut product, or interesting things we’ve discovered in general - we put it on our website!

Use our Knowledge Base

The KB is full of troubleshooting guides, how-to articles, FAQs and even end-user help. We’re not shy about putting something up on the website if we think it’s going to help someone.

The Knowledge Base is the place to go if you’re setting something up and you’ve run into an issue of some kind - do you have a locked down firewall and your PaperCut client isn’t connecting? Do a search in the KB for the error, and you’re likely to get some ideas of what things to try, and what ports to make sure are open!

Don’t hold back from asking a question too - if you’re wondering how to charge fractions of a cent for a grayscale page, do a quick KB search and you’ll find the answer.

Think of the KB as a member of our support team, working tirelessly 24 hours a day, answering all your questions - but running on a lot less caffeine.

Use our manuals

Similar to the KB, but they’re geared to making sure things don’t go wrong in the first place. You know how you build the Ikea cabinet and you’ve got one extra bracket left over?

In the same way that you’d go back and scan the instructions to find the section detailing the placement of the critical load bearing bracket, you can scan through the online help center to get simple step-by-step setup instructions or hints on tips on different ways to set something up and why.

Curious about how to set up Mobility Print, and what to look out for as you’re setting it up? Check out the Mobility Print help center too. We admit we’re not perfect, and there’s always clearer and betterer ways to document things, so the KBs and Help Centers are always a continuous work in progress!

Don’t be shy!

If you run into something while you’re setting up printing, or setting up a feature of PaperCut - and you can’t find the answer online, let us know! We’re always interested in improving our knowledge and learning more about how everyone’s using our products - so we’ll find a way to get your story in there too!