Driving adoption in your print room

Setting up your storefront and configuring your services are a great first step but now you need people to know about you products and services you offer.

Your print room is all setup

You’ve read all the way to this point, you’ve done all the hard work and configured your print room to have the perfect storefront for all your amazing services… How do you make sure people use it?

It’s time to get the news out there and make sure people know how to use your system. Here are our top tips to get people to your storefront.

Use the web platforms available in your organisation

People usually just hit Ctrl+P out of habit. With PaperCut MF you can utilize print scripting to create popups offering users a better, more cost effective way to print. This along with printing rules, routing, and print policies can encourage uses to pass their print jobs through to the Print Room.

This is an easy way to introduce them to a new way of printing bulk jobs. They’ll probably get better quality, the pages collated and nicely sorted and packaged too, so we’re confident they’ll prefer to use your services next time :-)

Here’s a great knowledgebase article telling you how to use print scripting within your PaperCut system.

Encourage walk-up orders…

…but have a plan on how to convert them to your great new storefront. Walk-up orders will make it easier for people who aren’t yet familiar with your system to try out your services!

Once that order is placed, they’ll get a notification of their submitted order and they’ll be able to track their order online. Guide them through the system while they are there and show them how easy it is. Next time they need to print a bulk job they’ll be comfortable with the system, know how to log in and jump right into using it!

See how to place a walk-up order for a customer.

Print some posters

Try advertising at the office printer location!

Imagine someone reading about your print room as they wait for 50 sets of class notes to be printed… They’ll definitely want to try your services next time!

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