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My organization has a variety of printers. Will Print Deploy work?

Yes, you can deploy a whole variety of printers to your users. Specifically:

  • Direct IP (Standard TCP/IP, Raw printing to port 9100)
  • Windows UNC/Server connections
  • Mobility Print queues
  • CUPS/Samba SMB queues on Linux Print Servers.
  • LPR print queues.
I’ve already deployed print queues to my VDI users using Print Deploy. There are now driver updates that I need to push out. What do I do?
On a reference computer, update the driver of a print queue with the same printer name. Run the Print Deploy cloner on the reference computer. This will automatically update the driver for end users.
I have a mixed-user environment with VDI sessions and normal desktop sessions. Can I use the same client?
The Print Deploy VDI Client does not support non-VDI computers. You’ll need to use the specific Print Deploy client for Windows/MacOS/Linux/ChromeOS for those users. These clients allow you to set the method used to determine the logged-in user’s identity. (See [Set the method used to determine the user’s identity]( The Print Deploy VDI Client requires the user to be an existing network user who always uses the logged-in user’s identity for authentication.
Can Print Deploy install print queues based on the location of the terminal the user logs in from?

Print Deploy checks the terminal on which the user has logged into their VDI session for the way the zones are set up. For example, each zone’s physical location might contain a bunch of computers. Based on the setup, Print Deploy installs the printers for that zone, for that terminal, in the user’s session.

Print Deploy will also retain any optional printers that the user installed in their previous session.

Note: Print Deploy doesn’t support two active sessions for the same user from two different zones.

If a user selects an optional printer to install during a session, when they log in to a different terminal, will they have to install the printer again?
A user’s print queues remain for them to use again.
I have a mixture of clients - my staff use Chromebooks and Windows desktops to log into VDI sessions. Will Print Deploy still work?
Yes! Print Deploy deploys print queues out to remote sessions, regardless of the underlying terminal OS being used.