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MFD embedded app not connecting with PaperCut Hive - troubleshooting

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This article addresses connection problems between the PaperCut Hive MFD (Multifunction Device) embedded applications and the PaperCut Cloud Services. This includes both the PaperCut Hive Full and Lite embedded applications. 

When you’re installing the embedded app on the MFD, if it can’t establish a connection to the PaperCut Cloud Services you’ll receive an error on the MFD touchscreen indicating that the MFD is unable to link to the embedded app.

For the embedded app to operate correctly, the MFD must have a constant and consistent connection to the PaperCut Cloud Services to maintain communications between the MFD and the PaperCut Hive (the hosted environment). 

There are two common causes of linking issues:

  • Firewall ports and network settings  - These might be incorrect for the MFD to be able to communicate with the cloud services. This is often due to MFDs being in their own VLAN and potentially not having access to internet services. Check the firewall ports and network settings to ensure that all ports have been correctly configured.

  • DNS configuration - We have seen situations where the MFDs either have incorrect DNS (Domain Name Server) settings or are using internal-only DNS servers, which do not allow resolution outside of the network. For more information about the DNS considerations, review our DNS considerations when using PaperCut Hive MFD embedded software section below.

Problems after installing the PaperCut Hive Embedded app 

Error Message on MFD touchscreen:  “Unable to connect to accounting server"

The PaperCut Hive Embedded Application is attempting to communicate with PaperCut’s Printer App Gateway endpoints but is unsuccessful. The most common cause of this issue is a firewall or network-related problem. Check the firewall ports and network settings .

No printing or poor printing performance when releasing a print job

End-users might experience slow or no printing when releasing a print job. For example, a sluggish response from the PaperCut Hive Embedded app, or a greater than expected lag for the printer to process and print jobs after selecting them for release. 

Before you dive into logs and traces, check the DNS on the MFD to ensure it is valid. 

Incorrect DNS settings might impair the embedded app from communicating with endpoints that affect efficient job release. See “DNS considerations when using PaperCut Hive MFD embedded software” below.

DNS considerations when using PaperCut Hive MFD embedded software

As with any client that accesses cloud-based services, a DNS plays a critical role in ensuring efficient communications between endpoints. PaperCut Hive is no exception. 

PaperCut Hive requires the service endpoints for operations involving the Edge Node Service, Print Clients on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, mobile apps, and of course - and maybe most importantly - the embedded PaperCut Hive applications for MFDs. 

For the most part, the DNS settings for PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and mobiles don’t require any changes because they are normally set during DHCP IP address assignment time. However, the MFDs might require DNS validation, especially when using a static IP address. That’s because the risk of incorrectly entering a DNS address increases with Static IP assignment. 

Coincidentally, assigning a static IP address is preferred as it gives Print Management systems, like PaperCut Hive, consistent access to monitor the MFD, for example, to check the status of supplies. 

What to check on the MFD

Ideally, check the Primary DNS entry on the MFD. Depending on the MFD manufacturer, this can be located in different places within the MFD admin user interface but is generally located under the MFD’s network settings. In most cases, MFD-based settings such as network settings can only be accessed and changed by an MFD or network administrator.

If you are unsure how to check or change the DNS entry, please contact your MFD provider.