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Configure the server address for links in emails

Job Ticketing sends out emails to customers for events relating to their orders. This includes notifications when:

  • an order is submitted
  • the order status changes
  • a comment is added to an order.

The links in the emails use the same server address through, which Job Ticketing was accessed by the person who initiated the event (for example, the operator who added a comment). This can cause problems when:

  • the PaperCut server has multiple network names (for example, the hostname and additional domain names)
  • operators access Job Ticketing through a name that can’t be accessed by customers.

In this case, configure a fixed server address be use for all links sent to customers:

  1. Stop the Job Ticketing service.

  2. Open the following file in a text editor: <install-path>/job-ticketing/config/

  3. Update the following line (or add it, if it doesn’t exist yet):

    email-notification.server-address.customer=<server address>

    The <server address> must include the protocol, the server name and an optional port.

    For example

  4. Save the file.

  5. Start the Job Ticketing service.