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Important points to know about PaperCut MF licensing

This page applies to:

PaperCut introduced subscriptions in PaperCut MF version 24.0. For more information about version 24.0, take a look at our KB article: Important points to know about PaperCut MF version 24 . Your Accredited Reseller is also a great resource.

Subscription customers vs perpetual customers

PaperCut MF v24.0 and later support both perpetual customers and subscription customers. The table below shows the differences.

Subscription customer

Perpetual customer

Given the right to access by

Submitting an activation key

Uploading a license file

Functionality on expiry

Limited admin interface functionality. Blocked from logging in to user web interface and devices (MFDs).

Full functionality

M&S included


First year only

PaperCut MF expires after

When all subscriptions expire

No expiry date

Licensing info location in the PaperCut MF admin interface

About > Registration > Subscriptions

About > Registration > License Info (or About > License Info for version 23 and earlier)

Internet connection requirements

The Application Server only needs to be online when activating and claiming entitlements. Once activated, if your organization requires, you can disconnect the server from the internet. For more details, see When PaperCut MF is offline .

The table below explains the internet connection requirements for different types of existing and new customers.

Type of customer

Internet connection to the PaperCut MF Gateway service required?

If there is no internet connection

Existing customers upgrading to PaperCut MF version 24.0 or later1


Functionality remains unchanged.

There's a 30 day grace period to connect to the Global Entitlement Service. After that, access to the PaperCut Admin interface is restricted.

Existing customers already using version v24.0 or later who need to:

  • activate a new subscription to deploy more entitlements

  • change an existing subscription

  • activate a new license


Unable to activate the subscription or license.

Existing customers already using 24.0 or later who need to add or remove entitlements (e.g. add/remove devices)


Released entitlements won't be reflected on other Application Servers sharing the same entitlements pool. See Entitlements for offline Application Servers.

New customers trialing PaperCut MF



New customers seeking a trial extension


Unable to apply trial extension so the trial ends at the 40-day mark.

New customers who have finished their trial period and are purchasing PaperCut MF


Unable to activate the subscription/license.

1 Existing licenses will be automatically activated online during the upgrade.

Global set of entitlements

  • Prior to PaperCut MF v24.0, each Application Server uses its own individual license file.
  • For PaperCut MF v24.0 or later, all Application Servers use one global (central) set of entitlements per CRN (Customer Reference Number).

PaperCut MF v24.0 or later uses the entitlements service instead of the old license file to work out your entitlements allocation. This means more stringent checks on how multi-site environments (multiple Application Servers using the same CRN) use entitlements, by ensuring that each Application Server draws from a single set of entitlements.

Example of how entitlements work

For an example of how this difference affects an organization, let’s imagine your organization has a live environment and a test environment.

Previously, you could use your license file on both Application Servers, and therefore use the same number of licenses in each installation environment.

In PaperCut MF v24.0 and later, when you activate the second server, the Global Entitlements Service will link the two servers together, therefore sharing the total purchased number of devices available across both servers.

Devices/MFDs/SFPs are brand neutral

In PaperCut MF v24.0 and later, the devices/MFDs/SFPs listed in your entitlements are brand-neutral.

For example, instead of listing 10 x Brand A MFDs and 3 x Brand B MFDs, your entitlements will show 13 brand-neutral MFDs to apply across whatever brands you use. In the PaperCut MF Admin web interface (About > Registration page) you’ll see the brand-neutral details for the device type details:

  • MFDs (multi-function devices) - sometimes called “Full embedded”
  • SFPs (single-function printers) - sometimes called “Lite embedded”
Screenshot of the Subscription area of the About Registration page. Shows the device type table with the number of licensed MFDs and SFPs.

Maximum number of subscriptions for one customer

You can have unlimited subscriptions. For example, you can have different subscriptions:

  • for extra devices that you buy after the initial subscription
  • when you buy additional features, such as an Advanced Fax Connector
  • whenever you make other modifications to your environment.

The start and end dates, length, and included entitlements can be different for each subscription, depending on your organization’s needs.