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Setting up draft products

If you are setting up Job Ticketing for the first time, skip this topic and go straight to Step 3: Create or change a cost script.

If you have a live print room or FabLab, you won’t want your customers to see the cost estimates until you have finalized your scripts. We recommend creating a copy of your products and switching them to draft mode while you are editing and testing your scripts. Alternatively, you could set up a sandbox room with some example products and cost scripts to play around with.

  1. In the Operator interface, in the bottom left corner of the screen, click Settings.
  2. Click the Products tab.
  3. Click a product you want to copy, and the Edit product page is displayed.
  4. Click in the Definition area; then press Ctrl+A to select all.
  5. Press Ctrl+C to copy the configuration.
  6. Click the Products breadcrumb at the top of the page.
  7. Click Create product.
  8. Next to empty product, click OK.
  9. In Name, enter a name to indicate it is a test product.
  10. In Description, enter anything. The text you enter doesn’t matter as this is just a test product.
  11. In Definition:
    1. Press Ctrl +V to paste the content.
    2. Locate the line starting with productVisibility.
    3. Change published to draft.
  12. Click Create.
  13. Repeat for each product you want to provide cost estimates for.

You have now set up some draft products that you can use to test your cost scripts.

Next Step: Step 3: Create or change a cost script