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Configure offline printing

This page applies to:

Before you start

For offline printing to work, there are some requirements that must be met:

  • The Print Offline feature must be enabled.
  • The router must be online and working.
  • There is no internet connection between your ISP and your network.
  • Port 9266 is open for users to access with their mobile devices.
  • Users’ mobile devices must be on the same WiFi network as the edge nodes. For example, Mike’s mobile phone is on Company Wi-Fi and the Edge Mesh that needs to print jobs is also on Company Wi-Fi.

How it’s done

To configure offline printing:

  1. In the admin console, go to Easy Print & Scan > Print Offline. The Print Offline panel is displayed.
  2. Click the Enable Print Offline toggle to on (green).
  3. Click Save changes.

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