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Approve a quote or proof

Orders need to be reviewed by a Job Ticketing operator to determine the cost and provide you with a quote. The operator will add a comment to your order with the quote. You need to approve the quote before the job will proceed.

Also, when you place your order, you have the option to request a proof of the job before it is printed. Proofs can be provided in either hard copy or electronically as a PDF file. If you requested a proof of your print job, the Job Ticketing will send you the proof via email and you need to let them know if you approve the proof and want to proceed with the job.

To approve a quote or proof

  1. Log in to the Job Ticketing User interface.
  2. Click Print Rooms & FabLabs.
  3. Click the order for which you want to approve the quote or proof.
  4. Scroll to the Comments area; then enter a comment saying that you approve the quote or proof.
  5. Click Post.