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Submit an order for a customer

Most orders will be submitted online via the Job Ticketing User web interface. However, sometimes, a customer might come into your print room to place an order. For example, if the original document is a hard copy, a customer will need to come in to give it to you.

To submit an order for a customer:

  1. Log in to the Job Ticketing Operator interface.

  2. Click New Order; then select the product the customer wants to order.

  3. Ask the customer for the required information and enter the details. The required details will differ for each product.

    The New Order window within Job Ticketing.
  4. If the customer provides:

    • an electronic file (eg. on a USB)—click Attach File, then select one or more files to be printed.

    • a hard copy of the document to be printed—click Physical document supplied.

  5. Click Submit.