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Deploying your queue and driver

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Now that you have a prepared  a print queue with your chosen driver , use PaperCut Hive or Pocket to deploy it to your users. This entails creating a new Find-Me print queue based on the queue you just created, and deploying the new Find-Me queue to your users’ computers (Windows and macOS).

Create the Find-Me print queue

  1. Go to Queues & Drivers in the admin interface, then click Create Find-Me print queue.

  2. Type the queue’s name and click Create. This is the name that will appear for users when printing. A sidebar is displayed with the queue’s name at the top.

Add a driver to the queue

From the sidebar you can add (upload) a driver for Windows, macOS, or both.

Under the relevant platform, click Add driver. The Add driver to print queue dialog is displayed, which has four steps.

  1. Step 1 - Prepare your driver. For detailed information and instructions, see Preparing a print queue and driver .

  2. Step 2 - Select computer. Choose the system you want to upload the queue and driver from, then click Select computer.

    The systems shown in the list are running the PaperCut Hive or Pocket edge node software. The computer you choose must be online for you to continue.

  3. Step 3 - Select printer driver. Choose the print queue that has the driver you want to copy to your new Find-Me print queue, then click Select print queue. It might take a few seconds for the full list to display because the edge node has to inspect all of its local print queues and driver details.

    If you don’t see your print queue listed, see the section about using a direct, raw / TCP/IP connection in Preparing a print queue and driver .

    If you don’t see anything listed, follow the troubleshooting steps in Troubleshooting > Sending the print job > Test cloud access.

  4. Step 4 - Add driver to queue. This screen shows the details of the print queue and printer driver you’ve selected to add (upload) to your Find-me queue. Click Add driver to print queue to instruct the selected computer to upload the selected print queue and driver. This might take a few seconds to minutes, depending on the size of the driver and the speed of the internet connection. The sidebar re-displays, and under the queue name at the top of the page you’ll see the status UPLOADING. After it’s uploaded, the status changes to NEW.

From here, you can either do a test deployment of your new print queue onto another device, or roll it out to all your users’ devices.

Test queue deployment (optional)

Before rolling out your new Find-Me print queue to all user devices, you have the option to test the deployment to a single other computer. This helps to ensure that the printer driver was copied correctly, and that the print queue works how you expect. Testing is particularly useful when updating an existing print queue, to avoid the risk of disrupting your users’ printing.

  1. Next to the new driver click Test deploy.
  2. Select a system (running the same OS) to test on and click Deploy driver to computer. The client software on the test system will immediately download and install the print queue and driver. It will have a name starting with [TEST].
  3. Perform some test print jobs from this second computer and make sure they print as expected.

Now you’re ready to deploy the new print queue to all of your users.

Deploy the queue

Click Deploy to all users to install the new print queue(s) and driver(s) on all online edge nodes that are running the OS that matches the driver(s) you uploaded.

Systems that are offline will have the queue installed when they next restart or within 12 hours.