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Troubleshooting when Mobility Print is not discovering printers

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This article is for troubleshooting when the Mobility Print server is not able to discover any locally installed printers.

When this happens, you may see the message “Discovering your printers…” and after several minutes a warning banner will appear with the following message:

“We’ve been trying to discover printers for a while and haven’t found any yet…
Please ensure you have printers installed on your Mobility Print server. In the meantime, we’ll keep looking for them. This can take a couple of minutes for servers with many printers.”

Why does this happen? Mobility Print should be installed on a computer that already has several installed print queues. The software should detect those installed print queues before sharing them with users.

Ensure that at least one working print queue is set up for Mobility Print to find and publish.

  • Windows: Click StartSettingsPrinters and then double-click on the Add Printer wizard and follow the steps.
  • macOS: Click on the Apple iconSystem Settings…Printers & ScannersAdd Printer, Scanner, or Fax… and then follow the prompts.

Printers should appear in Mobility Print after just a few minutes.