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Cloud Print for Mobility Print overview

Previously, Mobility Print let users print after they joined the local network. Now they can print directly to the Mobility Print server over the internet while keeping their device’s native printing experience.

Mobility Print’s Cloud Print feature lets users print securely from any remote, zero-trust guest network that doesn’t have direct access to your infrastructure.

Mobility Print optimizes the delivery of print jobs via the fastest route. If a user is on your local network, then their print jobs will remain local. It’s only when they can’t connect to your Mobility Print server that their print jobs will be sent over the internet.

All internet print jobs are sent over a secure peer-to-peer connection between the client and the Mobility Print server. No-one on the internet can intercept metadata or print jobs. If you’re interested in learning more about security, take a look at Cloud Print Security.

Printing over the internet is available for free to all Mobility Print customers, whether used with PaperCut NG/MF or not. Currently Cloud Print is available for Chrome OS and Windows, with MacOS support coming soon.

Why our approach to cloud printing is awesome

Cloud Print is built upon the well established and trusted WebRTC protocol. This is the same technology currently used in popular conferencing software and audio communication platforms.

WebRTC provides a peer-to-peer connection from the user’s device to the Mobility Print Server. Benefits include:

  • the print jobs go directly from the client to the server
  • the server doesn’t require any inbound internet access - as long as the server has an outbound connection, users can print to it
  • the jobs don’t sit in an offshore data center somewhere in between
  • in fact they are not stored anywhere.

The protocol also encrypts the data end to end, so the content is secure. Neither PaperCut nor anyone else can access the data.

And to ensure acceptable security, our entire approach uses all industry standards.

Things you need to know about the beta program

Known limitations

  • ‘Sign-in with Google’ is not yet available. Users will have to enter their username and password to print over the internet.
  • Printers are not pre-cached and might take a few seconds to appear.

Be a hero and provide feedback

If you get stuck with anything, even if you figure it out or find a workaround, please let us know so that we can improve Mobility Print and avoid others running into the same issue. Reach out to PaperCut Support, and mention that you are providing feedback on the Cloud Print beta feature.