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Cancel an order

Sometimes you will receive an order that you cannot fulfil or a customer wants to cancel. For example, a customer might have insufficient funds to pay for the order, or the nature of the content might contravene your print room policies. Or it could be as simple as a customer changing their mind and canceling their order before it is processed.

The way you cancel the order depends on whether or not the order has been charged to an account. If the order has not been charged, you can delete the it:

  1. Open the order.
  2. Click the More Actions icon (…), then select Delete Order.

If the order has been charged, you need to cancel the order. To cancel an order:

  1. Change the order status to Canceled.
  2. Add a comment explaining the reason for the cancelation.
  3. Depending on your refund policy, you might need to refund the cost of the order.