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Control access to printers/MFDs - printing rules and warnings

This page applies to:

🔎 Admin console: Print Security > Access Control

This is where you set up rules for printing policies. For a description, see About controlling access to printers.

  1. In the admin console, go to Print Security > Access Control. The Access Control panel is displayed.

  2. Click Add rule. The panel fills with all of the feature’s requriements.

  3. In the Name box, type the name of the rule you’re about to configure.

    Rule type
    Rule behavior
    WarnThis rule type means that the user can proceed to print anyway - after being presented with the warning message. If you had a warning set up that the user can print after 9 pm, then they could choose to print anyway after seeing the warning message.
    DenyThis rule type means that the user cannot proceed to print. For example, if you had the same rule banning printing after 9 pm set to deny, then the person wouldn’t be able to print, no matter how much they wanted to.
  4. Click either Deny or Warn to select the rule type.

  5. Either keep the default message or type one tailored for your organization.

  6. Under Applies to, in the dropdown select how you want to add yours to the rule.

  7. Click Add. In the Add Users & Groups popup, type the names of the users or groups that the rule applies to. When you’re done, click Add. You’ll see a number next to the Manage button, which reflects the users/groups you just added. ​​

  8. In the dropdown, click if you want the rule to apply to some or all printers.

  9. If you chose Selected printers, start typing in the box and a list of matching printers is displayed. Click the required printer(s).

  10. Set the time that you want the rule to apply.

  11. Click Done. A summary of the rule’s configuration is displayed for you to double-check. Click Add rule.

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