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Disabling server auto-updates

Whenever a new version of the Mobility Print server is released, the majority of PaperCut Mobility Print servers automatically update overnight. This means that they always get the latest features and security updates.

This policy works well for most organizations but not always for those with strict change management processes in place. The decision to keep or disable auto-updates is all yours.

If you would like to disable auto-updates and move to manually update the server yourself, we recommend you understand the following things you’ll need to manage:

  • Manage security: One of the reasons we built Mobility Print with auto-updates is so that we can push security updates as soon as we have them. With auto-updates enabled you don’t have to monitor the release history and manually update to get the most secure Mobility Print version.
  • Managing compatibility: While the server auto-updates can be managed, most Mobility Print Clients, and the operating systems of those devices continuously update as well, and some cannot be disabled. PaperCut recommends that you use the latest version of both our client and server components as well as the latest version of your device’s operating systems. Clients are tested to support backward compatibility but we cannot guarantee server versions older than six months will work as expected.
  • Managing features and fixes: Mobility Print is continuously improving, with fixes and features added all the time to better support end-users or certain printers. With auto-updates disabled, you’ll need to follow these updates and decide for yourself which ones you need. In many cases, we’ll fix a problem you have before you even know you have it.

If you are confident you want to disable auto-updates on the Mobility Print server, here’s what to do:

  1. Stop the Mobility Print Service.

  2. Replace the following lines from the file [app-path]\pc-mobility-print.conf:

    "ScheduledTasks": [
                    "Schedule": "@daily",
                    "Path": "pc-updater.exe",
                    "Args": [""],
                    "StartupRandomDelaySecs": 3600,
                    "TimeoutSecs": 3600
    "StartupTasks": [
                "Path": "pc-updater.exe",
                "Args": [""],
                "TimeoutSecs": 3600,
                "StartupDelaySecs": 600,
                "StartupRandomDelaySecs": 3600,
                "Async": true

    With the following 2 lines:

    "ScheduledTasks": [],
    "StartupTasks": []
  3. Restart the Mobility Print Service.

Your Mobility Print server will now remain indefinitely on the version you have currently installed.

Manually updating your server

If you have disabled auto-updates in the above fashion, to install a newer/later version of Mobility Print run the latest Mobility Print installer ‘over the top’ of an existing installation.

Important: If you manually install a later version of Mobility Print, it will reinstate the auto-update behaviour and you will need to follow the steps above to disable auto-updates again.