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Change the server address

You can change the server address presented to:

Change the server address presented to users

Some features in PaperCut require being able to create a link or address for the Application Server. One example of this is when using Email to Print - the verification email sent to users contains a link that they must click. This link must resolve to the PaperCut server both from the internet and from the local network.

The default address presented in these cases is an automatically detected IP address. In some cases this might not be suitable, for example, where it needs to be resolved from the internet.

The recommended approach is to configure a DNS name for your PaperCut server that can be resolved and accessed wherever your users require it. This can involve creating a public/external DNS name and opening the appropriate ports in your firewall. After the name is configured:

  1. Select Options > Advanced. The Advanced page is displayed.

  2. In the Server Address area, select DNS name (or other IP).

  3. Enter your chosen (fully qualified) name.

  4. Click Apply.

The configured address is also used for PaperCut Job Ticketing, which is particularly important when using a reverse proxy. However, it can cause problems if all of the following conditions apply:

  1. The PaperCut server is accessed directly (without reverse proxies).

  2. The PaperCut server has multiple public names (e.g. the host name and additional domain names).

In such an environment, clear the Use this address for Job Ticketing as well checkbox. This causes PaperCut Job Ticketing to ignore the configured server address.

Change the server port presented to users

In some circumstances, you might also need to customize the server HTTP port presented to users. An example scenario is when a reverse proxy server for WebAuth or Shibboleth SSO is placed in front of the PaperCut NG/MF server. For this situation, PaperCut provides two advanced config keys to allow the user facing server port to be customized: system.network-port-http.user-facing and system.network-port-https.user-facing. (See Using the Advanced Config Editor for instructions on using the Config Editor.)

Change the server address presented to external components

In some cases PaperCut publishes its address to external components (e.g. MFDs) to allow them to establish a connection back to the server. The published address is an automatically detected IP address by default. If your server has multiple IP addresses then the detected IP might not be suitable and could cause components to fail to connect.

To resolve this you can configure the network address (e.g. DNS name or IP address) that PaperCut publishes to these external components. To do this use the Config Editor (see Using the Advanced Config Editor) to change the system.network-address to your chosen address.

This is configured separately from the Server address presented to users to provide the option to use an IP address for components and a DNS name for users (for example, to avoid DNS lookups on devices that do not cache the result).

PaperCut Site Servers can have their published network address configured by navigating to Sites > (site name) > Configuration > Network address used by devices.