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Troubleshooting - log analysis

This page applies to:

In case of an issue, using the logs can help troubleshoot the problem.

Log files for the Print Deploy VDI Client are found in: %driveletter%\Program Files\PaperCut Print Deploy Client VDI\data\logs\pc-print-deploy-client-vdi.log.

Key elements to look for in the log file include: 

  • Clientname - for Hostname Zone Queue Deployment 
  • SessionID - Should be unique to launch Print Client for VDI
  • Username - Could be a factor for IAM Systems like Imprivata.

These are typical log entries that are written to the PD VDI Client log file.

Trace/Information logs

What good looks like. (Example: Hostname Zone.)

  • Found unique sessions by users {"count": 2}2023/10/13 14:44:30
  • Found valid session {"sessionID": 3, "domainName": "pcts", "userName": "fredit", "clientName": "win10fulldesk", "IPs": [""], "isRemote": true, "status": "Active", "state": "active"}
Log entryWhat it means
Start Print Deploy Client VDI(windows-amd64) {"CommitID": "'992eb5", "Build": "2023-09-15-0153", "Version": "1.0.8"}The VDI Client Windows service started up.

Note: Line breaks added to aid formatting and comprehension.

Got client configuration {"conf": {"accessibleMobilityPrintTLSPort":9164,"appServerEnvVersion":15,

The VDI Client configuration specified by the Print Deploy Server. This will be the same as the one for the normal Print Deploy.

  • "userIdentityMethod" should always TRUST.
Unique session per user {"fqUsername": "cx\\citrix01", "session": {"SessionID":4,"SessionName":"ica-cgp#48","HostName":"","DomainName":"cx","UserName":"citrix01","ClientName":"client-win10-2","IPs":[""],"FarmName":"","IsRemote":true,"Status":1}}

A session found in the system.

  • "fqUsername" indicates a username associated with a session. If this is empty, the VDI Print Deploy Client ignores the session.
  • "HostName" indicates a hostname running the VDI Print Deploy Client if it is a local session. If it is a remote session, this field will be empty.
  • "ClientName" indicates a hostname that a user used to access the VDI Print Deploy Client machine if it is a remote session. If a session is a local session, this field will be empty.
  • "IPs" indicates IP addresses of a client machine initiated a session.
  • "Remote" indicates whether a session initiated by a remote machine or a local machine running the VDI Print Deploy Client.
Request to get printer install requests {"clientInfo": {"loggedInUser":{"username":"citrix01","type":"LocalDomain"},"machine":{"hostname":"client-win10-2","os":{"name":"windows","version":"10.0.17763","arch":"amd64"},"ipAddresses":[""],"activeDirectoryDomainName":"cx","isVDI":true}}, "identityMode": "TRUST", "server": ""}The VDI Print Deploy Client requests the Print Deploy Server to send a list of printers that a user can be used.
Got deployment request {"count": 4, "install": ["Printer Z [mf](Mobility)","Printer A","Printer B","\\\\\\ServerQueueA"], "uninstall": []}

The list of printers that the Print Deploy Server returned for the above request.

  • "install" includes mandatory printers and optional printers the user previously requested to install and optional printers that they can install.
  • "uninstall" indicates printers need to be uninstalled

Unnecessary {"printers": []}

Necessary {"printers": ["Printer A","Printer B","Printer Z [mf](Mobility)","\\\\\\ServerQueueA"]}

Printers that the VDI Print Deplopy Client determines need to be uninstalled or installed.
Printers for active user {"fqUsername": "cx\\citrix01", "necessary": {"Printer A":{"name":"Printer A","description":"Printer ….. "unnecessary": {}}The details of printers installed and uninstalled for a user.
Start installing printer {"printer": "Printer B", "type": "directprint", "driver": "PaperCut Global PostScript", "port": "nul", "fqUsername": "cx\\citrix01"}The VDI Print Deploy Client starts installing a printer.
Allowed user to use printer {"printer": "Printer B", "fqUsername": "cx\\citrix01", "sessionID": 4}The VDI Print Deploy Client allows the user to use the printer
Verify mobility printer existence {"originalName": "Printer Z [mf](Mobility)", "installedName": "Printer Z [mf](Mobility)_c57e436"}

A name of a mobility printer for which installation is requested.

"installedName" indicates what printer name is used for the installation.

Note: The VDI Print Deploy Client assigns a different Mobility Print printer name per user even if the original printer name is the same.