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Administrator FAQs

My product is not displayed in the Customer interface

If you have created a product and it is not displayed in the Customer interface:

  1. In the Operator interface, click Settings.
  2. In the Product configuration area, click Refresh.
  3. Check if draft is displayed next to the product file name.
    • If it is, in the product *.json file, set the "productVisibility" attribute to “published”.

Lastly, check if there are any errors displayed. If there are, resolve the error; then click Refresh again.

The table below describes the most common error messages.

Error Description
Missing product description file: config\rooms\room-02\products\ The specified file is not in the /job-ticketing/rooms/room-<number>/products/ folder for the relevant room.

This could happen for the following reasons:

- The file has been copied into the wrong room’s folder path.
- Either the *.json or the *.md file has not been copied.
- The names of the *.json and *.md file do not match.
Unexpected close marker ‘]': expected ‘}’ (for Object starting at [Source: (File); line: 25, column: 9]) at [Source: (File); line: 26, column: 8] A bracket is missing from line 25.
Illegal unquoted character ((CTRL-CHAR, code 13)): has to be escaped using backslash to be included in string value at [Source: (File); line: 22, column: 71] A quotation mark is missing from line 22.
Unexpected character ('{’ (code 123)): was expecting comma to separate Array entries at [Source: (File); line: 18, column: 10] A comma is missing in line 18 in the specified file.
Unexpected character (']’ (code 93)): expected a value at [Source: (File); line: 26, column: 8] There is an extra comma in line 26.

If you are still having problems, contact your local Authorised Solution Center (ASC) or Reseller.

I cannot charge my customers for orders

If you are not prompted to enter a charge for orders at any status in the workflow, check:

  • In <job-ticketing-install-path>/job-ticketing/config/rooms/room-01/workflow.json>, the charging attribute is set to true for at least one of the statuses.

If you are prompted to enter a charge, but get an error message when you do, check:

  • The selected account has sufficient funds to cover the order.
Email notifications are not being sent to customers

If customers are not receiving email notifications, check the following:

I cannot access Job Ticketing from the PaperCut MF interface

If you cannot access Job Ticketing from the Options > Job Ticketing page in the PaperCut MF interface, check:

Operator FAQs

I can’t download files attached to orders
There is a problem with your network connection. Contact your SysAdmin for more information.

User FAQs

I can’t see the Print Rooms/FabLabs tab in the User interface
You don’t have permission to access your Print Room/FabLab online ordering system. Contact your SysAdmin to request access.
I can’t upload the file I want printed

This can happen for the following reasons:

  • The file is larger than 200MB (or the value specified in the configuration).
  • The computer to which you are uploading the file the is full. If your file is under 200MB, contact your print room or FabLab to let the know about the problem.