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About automatic print job timeout and deletion

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🔎 Admin console: Print Security > Secure Print Release > Job timeout

In the same way that it’s good to clear out the fridge from time to time, it’s also a good idea to only keep your print jobs for as long as you need them. Even though jobs are encrypted while waiting to be released, it’s good security hygiene to ensure that the week-old bank statement that you printed by mistake doesn’t get released when you dash over to collect your print job from today.

With PaperCut Hive and Pocket, you can set a job timeout (a job removal time) after which old jobs are deleted. A lot of organizations set this to 8 hours - if you haven’t picked up your print job on the day that you printed it, chances are it’s no longer needed or is out of date.

However, there are organizations that prefer to set this for longer periods - some people love the ability to print something knowing that they can hop over to the printer and pick up all their jobs at the end of the week.

You can set the job timeout from 30 minutes to a whopping 3 days!

Screenshot showing the secure print release option to delete old print jobs after a specified amount of time.

Setting the job removal or job deletion timeout to 8 hours is a good compromise between security and convenience.


Why wouldn’t I just set the job removal time to the maximum amount of time possible?
As a SysAdmin, you have the ability to set the maximum amount of time (3 days) for jobs to remain, for example, if your users like to print their print jobs on Friday and release them on Monday. However, we do recommend setting shorter job time outs for mindful printing - documents that aren’t printed straight away should be removed to keep things tidy. Everyone loves an office end-of-week fridge clear-out right?
If I change the job removal timeout, does that apply to all jobs held in the system?
No - the new setting will only apply to new jobs printed since saving your new job removal timeout. For example, if you had the setting configured as 2 hours, then you changed it just now to 24 hours, only jobs printed from now on will have the timeout of 24 hours. Any jobs printed previously will still be removed 2 hours after printing.

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Configure automatic print job timeout and deletion