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Job Ticketing manual


Assign access to the Operator interface

Anyone with PaperCut MF administrator access is granted Job Ticketing Operator access. For more information, see Assign administrator level access. You might want to consider creating an Operator user group with limited admin rights, that is, only for the functionality needed by the operator.

  1. In the PaperCut MF Admin web interface, select Options > Admin Rights.

  2. In Assign administrator access to this user, enter the username of an operator; then click Add User.

  3. In the list of administrators, select the operator; then click edit.

  4. Click Clear All.

  5. Select the following check boxes:

    • Access user section — allows the operator to view user details including balance.

    • Perform adjustments & charges — allows the operator to provide a refund for a canceled job.

    • Job Ticketing — Select either:

      • Access as operator—allows access to the Operator interface to process orders, but NO access to the room configuration settings.
      • Access as administrator—allows full access to the Operator interface, including all configuration settings.
  6. Click OK.

To switch to the PaperCut MF Admin interface:

  1. Click the drop-down list next to your user name.
  2. Select Job Ticketing Admin interface.

Next Step: Enable Job Ticketing in the PaperCut MF User interface