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Customize the user login popup branding and text

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Depending on the method you’ve chosen to determine the user’s identity , users might be presented with a one-off user login popup for authentication.

It’s pretty much a stock standard, boring popup, ready for you to customize with your branding and text so it fits in nicely with your company’s branding and writing style.

For more information about customization, take a look at Customization in the PaperCut NG/MF Manual.

Customize branding

  1. Create a folder named brands where:

    • install location is where PaperCut NG/MF is installed on the server
    • OS is the operating system of your PaperCut server.

    install location\providers\print-deploy\OS\data\brands

  2. Save a copy of the company logo in the folder. The logo must be:

    • .png format
    • 150 x 82 pixels
    • named auth-dialog-logo.png
  3. Restart Print Deploy for changes to take effect.

Customize text

In the /data/translations/custom folder, create a JSON file for your language. For example, selfservice-en-US.json (English US), selfservice-es.json (Spanish), or selfservice-fr.json (French), etc.

Add the following config keys in the file:

Config value
SignInTitle Title at the top of the login popup
SignInInstructions Login text instructions
Username User name text box label
Password Password text box label
SignIn Signin button text
Screenshot of the Print Deploy sign-in page, showing the SignInTitle and SignIninstructions at the top, with the username and password fields and finally the text on the 'sign in' button.

As an example, you can copy this text and save it as a JSON file:

"SignInTitle": "Username and password",
"SignInInstructions": "Your username and password are required so that the right printers are added to your device.",
"Username": "Username",
"Password": "Password",
"SignIn": "Sign in and add printers"