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Import print queues into Print Deploy

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Before you start - decide which print queues to import

Print Deploy supports a broad range of customer environments, but what’s the best way to get printers into Print Deploy before distributing them to users?

Use the table below to see how some types of print queues work better depending on your organization’s needs. 

 BYOD FriendlyChoose any driverPrint ArchivingFind-Me Printing
Direct Print QueuesUsers connect directly to printers on the network using any driver. One caveat is that this option does not support Print Archiving which requires a print server.✔️✔️ ✔️1
Classic Server-Hosted QueuesUsers connect to traditional server-hosted print queues. In some situations, users might require local administrator rights to install printers. ✔️✔️✔️
Mobility Print Queues (Quick)Install PaperCut Mobility Print on a print server and use in tandem with Print Deploy to handle authentication, including the option to use Sign in with Google and Sign in with Microsoft. Swiftly get Macs, PCs, and Chrome users printing with a generic print driver for basic finishing options.✔️ ✔️✔️
Mobility Print Queues (Advanced)This solution is the same as “Mobility Print queues (Quick)” except that you can deploy any manufacturer driver, default settings and finishing options. This solution requires more steps to configure, but lets you make the most of the printer's capabilities.✔️✔️✔️✔️

BYOD friendly

In this context means that the solution works well even when users’ computers have different operating systems (macOS, Linux, Windows, ChromeOS),  are not joined to a domain, or don’t have local admin rights on their device. We find these solutions are also excellent solutions for administrators struggling to mitigate the security in Windows changes brought about by the security vulnerability  Print Nightmare .

Choose any driver

This is important to organizations that need advanced functionality such as stapling, hole punching, and tray selection. In contrast, Mobility Print and the PaperCut Global PostScript driver support basic finishing options such as color and duplex. 

This is a PaperCut NF/MG feature where thumbnails of print jobs can be retained. This solution requires a print server.

Find-Me Printing

A popular PaperCut feature that allows administrators to deploy a single print queue but enables users to release print jobs at any copier throughout the organization. This works best when the Find-Me queue is hosted on a print server.​​

1 Direct Printing can work with Find-Me Printing, but it’s not for everyone. This solution requires users’ computers to be online when releasing a print job, so it is not ideal for mobile devices. The other caveat is that users will see all print queues, not just the Find-Me queue.