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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Does Job Ticketing work with PaperCut NG?
Job Ticketing works with PaperCut MF only. Job Ticketing supports a range of advanced features including the ability to manage your MFD’s. Contact your nearest Authorized Solution Center to find out more about your upgrade options.

Customer FAQs

Can I re-order an existing order?
If you want to re-order an order, you need to submit a new order—you cannot resubmit a previous order.
Can I change an order?
You can edit your order only if the order has not yet been charged to your account. Once it has been charged, you need to contact the print room or FabLab (by adding a comment to the order) to find out if it is possible to change the order details. You cannot, however, change the uploaded files.
Can I upload multiple files?
Yes, you can upload as many files as you want. You might, for example, have one file for a booklet cover page and another file for the body of the content. The only thing you can’t do is, provide a combination of uploaded files and hard copy documents.
Can I delete an order?
If you want to cancel an order, you need to contact the print room or FabLab (by adding a comment to the order) to find out if it is possible.

Operator FAQs

How are refunds managed?
Refunds are managed through PaperCut MF. For more information, see Refund an order.
How long do orders stay in the Completed status in the Workflow?
The Completed status in the Workflow displays the 20 most recently completed orders. To view the full order history, use the Order List.
Can I charge for delivery?
Of course! Just add your delivery costs to the delivery-options.json configuration file, and include the delivery options attribute in your cost estimation script. For more information, see Configure costs.
Will Job Ticketing check if the customer has available funds?
Job Ticketing checks if the account to be charged has sufficient funds when you charge the account. If there are not enough funds, an error message is displayed on the Charge account screen.
Do I need to set up an account for new customers?
No, Job Ticketing is fully integrated with PaperCut MF. If your customer has a PaperCut MF account, then they have a Job Ticketing account.
Can I charge for an order at any point?
When the Job Ticketing workflow is set up, the SysAdmin can specify the statuses in which an order must be charged. You can charge for orders at any point in time, except when they are being created. When an order is moved to a status requiring charging, the operator will be prompted to enter the charge amount. Operators can also enter the charge amount by editing the Charge Account field in the Order Form directly.
Can a customer be charged without accepting the costs?
Job Ticketing does allow an operator to charge a customer without them accepting the costs. Some print rooms or FabLabs might have a policy where orders under a particular value (eg. $5) will be charged automatically without a quote, while more expensive orders will be quoted first. Or alternatively, a department might have a standing order (eg. weekly newsletter) that has a fixed cost and is charged to a shared account. It is up to you how you want to handle this workflow. If a quote is required, you should add the quote using a comment.
Can I change an order?
You can edit your order only if the order has not yet been charged to your account. Once it has been charged, you need to contact the print room or FabLab (by adding a comment to the order) to find out if it is possible to changes. You cannot, however, change the uploaded files.
Can I delete an order?
Yes, you can delete an order at any stage before it has been charged to an account. Once it has been charged, you can still move it to the Canceled status, but you might also need to refund the cost of the order, depending on your refund policy.

SysAdmin FAQs

Can I use an image in the room details?
We do not recommend using images (eg. logos) in the room details. While technically you can use images in markdown, they might cause issues in the Job Ticketing interface.
Is there a maximum number of products I can create?
There is no limit to the number of products you can create! But we do recommend keeping it to a sensible number to not overwhelm your customers with choices as they are all displayed on a single page.
Can I enforce charging for orders?
When you set up Job Ticketing, you specify the statuses in which an order must be charged. You can prevent orders from being moved to any status (except the first) until an account has been charged.
Does Job Ticketing support internal users?
Absolutely. Job Ticketing supports all PaperCut MF accounts.
Can I specify the email address from which Job Ticketing emails are sent?
Any notifications sent from Job Ticketing to customers are automatically sent from the email address set up under SMTP Server Options in the PaperCut MF Admin interface. You cannot use a different email address.
Does Job Ticketing convert uploaded documents to PDF?
No. Job Ticketing does not convert the supplied files in anyway. The operator deals with the files directly.
How long does Job Ticketing retain files?
Currently Job Ticketing retains all customer supplied files indefinitely. You might want to consider your data retention policies for Job Ticketing file management.
Are print jobs recorded in PaperCut MF?
Job Ticketing orders are logged in the PaprCut MF Transaction Log when they are charged to an account. Job Ticketing is an order management system so the actual print jobs are not tracked through PaperCut MF; only the financial transactions against Job Ticketing accounts are tracked.
Can you redirect jobs from MFDs to Job Ticketing?
No. There is no integration between Job Ticketing and your MFDs. However, PaperCut MF 17.4 includes an Advanced Scripting recipe to display a One Off Popup that can be customized to suggest your users consider using Job Ticketing for jobs with specific characteristics, for example, large print jobs, or a large number of copies.
Does Job Ticketing send the files directly to the printer?
Job Ticketing is an order management system rather than a printing system, so it does not send the orders to a printer. The operator needs to download the files from the Job Ticketing Operator interface and run the print job themselves. For more information, see Download the file to print.
Does Job Ticketing allow Single Sign-On (SSO)?
Yes. If you enable SSO in PaperCut MF, you will remain logged in to Job Ticketing even after you log out. For more information about setting up SSO, see Web browser Single Sign-On (SSO).
Do you support laser cutting?
Yes! Many products, such as laser cutting and CNC machining, can be configured in Job Ticketing. Simply use the material configuration to set up available materials. Customers submit files in the same way they would for 3D printing.
Does Job Ticketing integrate with Fiery?
No. Job Ticketing does not integrate into any production print equipment directly. The system is intended to help print room customers easily submit their print jobs and pass the files into a workflow that operators can use. Operators open the files on their local system and send the print job directly to the printer.