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Troubleshooting User/Group Sync with Google Cloud Directory

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PaperCut can be configured to synchronize users and groups from Google Cloud Directory This includes organizations with Google Workspace Education, Google Workspace Enterprise for Education, Google Workspace Enterprise, and Cloud Identity Premium. We’ve taken steps to try to make the process a smooth one, but just in case you run into any errors, we’ve created this troubleshooting article for you. Below, we outline steps to diagnose and fix common issues when PaperCut is configured to synchronize users from Google.

Error when installing certificate

When clicking Install Certificate some customers report seeing the error message “Unsupported file. No changes were made. Please select a valid certificate ZIP file.” or “The certificate failed to import. No changes were made.”

These errors suggest some problem processing the selected ZIP file. Ensure that the correct ZIP file was uploaded. If the error persists, download the ZIP file from your Google Admin console again and try again.

No users imported

Some customers report that the certificate was successfully installed, but when clicking Test Settings no users are imported.

In your Google Admin console, in the Settings for <LDAP client name> screen make sure Service status is set to ON for everyone.

Error: “Current setting produced a total of 0 groups”

When clicking Test Settings some customers report seeing an error, “Current setting produced a total of 0 groups”.

In your Google Admin console, navigate to the LDAP Access permissions screen and make sure that Verify user credentials is set to Entire domain.

Error: “Please enter a valid Google Workspace or Google Cloud Identity domain name”

When clicking Test Settings, Synchronize Now, or Select Groups some customers have reported an error “Please enter a valid Google Workspace or Google Cloud Identity domain name.”

Check that you have entered a valid Fully-Qualified-Domain-Name (FQDN) in Step 2 - Type your Google Workspace or Google Cloud Identity domain .

Users unable to login

After setting up PaperCut to synchronize users from Google, some customers have reported that users are unable to log in with an error message that says “Invalid username or password”.

When checking the server.log file, an additional error message might be found that says “Error code 50 - Insufficient Access Rights” being returned by Google. Thankfully this Google support article goes into great detail on a number of reasons for LDAP error code 50.