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Add or remove a Web Print server

Your Web Print deployment can be scaled to meet the needs of your organization, removing bottlenecks and improving reliability. Web Print scaling through the use of multiple Web Print servers, increases throughput and minimizes users’ wait time for print jobs. Using multiple servers also provides resilience against possible network and server outages.

For more information about determining the Web Print server requirements, see Scaling your Web Print environment.

Add a Web Print server

If you want to deploy multiple Web Print servers, you should:

  1. Set up one Web Print server (see Set up Web Print: Sandbox mode).

  2. Copy this machine’s image to a new server.

  3. Change the host name on the new server, and ensure the new hostname/IP address for the server is reflected in your network configuration (DNS, DHCP, etc).

  4. Ensure that the Web Print server can print to all Web Print enabled printers.

  5. In the Admin web interface, select Options > Mobile & BYOD.

  6. In the Web Print area, check the following for the newly added server:

    • Status — check that the new server is in the list and the Status if OK.

    • Version — check that your Web Print servers have the same version. Web Print server versions earlier than 16.2 are not compatible with a multi-Web Print server environment, and should be either upgraded or removed from the cluster.

Remove a Web Print server

If you decommission a Web Print server, it will still be displayed in the Admin web interface on the Options > Mobile & BYOD page, in the Web Print area. However, the status of the server will be ERROR.

To remove a Web Print server from the Web Print server list:

  1. In the Web Print hot folder, delete the following files:

    • [server].web-print-server.activity

    • [server].web-print-server.status