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Google Cloud Directory Troubleshooting

General troubleshooting

When I click Install Certificate I get an error “Unsupported file. No changes were made. Please select a valid certificate ZIP file.” or “The certificate failed to import. No changes were made.”

There was a problem processing the selected ZIP file. Ensure that the correct ZIP file was uploaded. If the error persists, download the ZIP file from your Google Admin console again and try again.

I imported my certificate and clicked Test Settings but no users were imported.

In your Google Admin console, in the Settings for <LDAP client name> screen make sure Service status is set to ON for everyone.

When I click Test Settings I get an error 'Current setting produced a total of 0 groups'

In the Google Admin console, in the LDAP Access permissions screen make sure that Verify user credentials is set to Entire domain.

If I click Test Settings, Synchronize Now, or Select Groups I get an error “Please enter a valid Google Workspace or Google Cloud Identity domain name.”

Check that you have entered a valid Fully-Qualified-Domain-Name (FQDN) in Step 2 - Type your Google Workspace or Google Cloud Identity domain.