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How PaperCut MF works with entitlements

This page applies to:

When devices are added and deleted

When you add a device (MFD) to PaperCut MF, for example, install the PaperCut embedded application on an MFD, an entitlement must be available to be claimed/used from your active subscriptions.

PaperCut MF will check if there are any available entitlements, and if there are, it will use one for the new device. If no entitlements are available, the device will not be created and this error will be shown.
Device not created because your subscription does not allow any more “Full embedded” devices. Deleted unneeded devices or contact your Accredited Reseller to upgrade your subscription.

There must be entitlements available to add additional devices to PaperCut MF.

When you delete a device, the entitlement is released and made available to other devices.

For details about what happens when you add or delete a device when the Applications Server offline, see When PaperCut MF is offline .

When a device is disabled

Setting a device to Disabled indefinitely (Release Entitlement) releases the entitlement and makes it available to be claimed by another device. The disabled device moves into an unlicensed (Not Licensed) state.

For steps on disabling a device to release entitlements, see Managing entitlements.

Not Licensed devices

For a device to be Not Licensed, it’s either been disabled, or it’s lost its entitlement, for example, when a subscription expires. The device status on the device’s Summary page becomes Not Licensed.

Not Licensed devices will not allow users to log in at the MFD touchscreen. The user will see a message on the touchscreen indicating the device is either disabled or cannot communicate with the server.

Entitlements for features (non-device entitlements)

You also purchase entitlements for non-devices, such as Print Deploy Zone Packs, Release Stations, Payment Gateways, and Fax Connectors. These entitlements can be purchased in one or multiple subscriptions. For more details about non-device entitlements, contact your Accredited Reseller.

Entitlements for offline Application Servers

After an Application Server goes offline (disconnects from the Global Entitlement Service), the only entitlements available to it are those that it used before it went offline. No more entitlements become available until the next time it connects to the Global Entitlements Service. In other words, if it hasn’t used the total purchased entitlements at the time it goes offline, it won’t be able to use any of the remaining entitlements until it goes back online.

While the Application Server is offline, you can still add and remove devices up to the number of entitlements that were last claimed before it went offline.

Example entitlement use for offline servers

You purchase 14 device entitlements, and while online, the Application Server claims 10 device entitlements. You then take the server offline. The remaining 4 purchased entitlements will not be available to this server until it is back online and reconnected to the Global Entitlement Service.

If you have any other Application Servers for your CRN, and if any of those servers are online, they can still claim the remaining 4 devices.

While the Application Server is offline, you can still disable or delete any of the 10 devices, or re-enable or add up to 10 devices.

Multiple Application Servers on one CRN - some online and some offline

If there are multiple independent PaperCut MF installations (multiple Application Servers) running under the one customer CRN, if one site (one server) is offline and another is online, the online site can still claim the remaining entitlements.

When an offline server comes online

When an Application Server becomes offline, it will automatically try 4 times to reconnect. If it doesn’t connect, it will stop trying and remain in offline mode until it’s connected to the Global Entitlement Service again and manually reconnected.

There are two ways to manually reconnect:

  • To force refresh:

    a. In the admin web interface, go to the About > Registration page.

    b. In the Subscriptions area, click Sync. The updated entitlements are displayed.

  • Restart the Application Server or restart the PaperCut Application Server service.