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End user help for Mobility Print

… or help for non-IT-admin users asking ‘How do I get Mobility Print to work?'

You’ve found your way here, so it’s most likely that your School, University or work organization is using PaperCut Mobility Print and you want to print something - now!

While PaperCut creates the Mobility Print software, your organization’s IT or Administration department decides how it’s all configured. This includes holding the secrets to how to print, how to sign up for an account, and everything else needed in your printing world.

I just want to be able to print something!

We want to help - but in the same way that Microsoft lets individual IT departments control passwords, login details, and configuration, PaperCut’s Mobility Print gives IT admins the control in their schools or businesses.

Your IT department will be able to tell you exactly how to get set up, and send you any organization-specific links for printers at your location.

Just as Microsoft doesn’t always need to know how your Windows software is set up or what your Windows password is, we often don’t know how schools or businesses are set up so their end users – people like you - can print. We could have a guess, but guessing isn’t good!

I’ve seen the ‘setting up Mobility Print’ section in this guide - can’t I just download the Mobility Print installer?

Or ‘Can I download Mobility Print from the PaperCut website?’.

In a word, no - at least not as an end user. Your IT department will have already downloaded and run the installer to set up the Mobility Print printers on your computer. To get techie, if you do download it, you’ll effectively set up a print server on your computer, which will just confuse things, and most importantly won’t actually let you print.

What you need to do is find the link that your organization or school has sent to you, which lets you install the Mobility Print client app or plugin specific to your organization. This is what lets you access your printers so you can print.

Where do I find the link or details to get printing set up myself?

It all depends on how your IT department has set up printing. You’ll most likely need specific information for your organization, and there are various places you can find the details - see below.

Look for any of the following:

  • A specific email from the IT department - do you have a ‘Welcome to printing’ email? It should contain the link to get you set up with printing.
  • A Welcome email when you joined - did you receive an onboarding email from your organization when you first joined? It might contain the printing details or instructions on how to get set up.
  • Instructions at the printer itself - sometimes IT departments print out information posters showing what to do if you need to print, and place them on the printers or near the printers.
  • Instructions on common noticeboards - sometimes IT departments print out posters about setting up printing and place them on common notice boards in areas near the snack machine - worth checking in case that can get you up and running.