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Help with PaperCut Pocket and Hive

Hopefully the little ‘i’ tips and tricks scattered throughout the Pocket and Hive products will help guide you to answers for your questions. Where they fall short, there’s this help center and (hopefully) other sources of knowledge too!

Product manual

As luck would have it, that’s this thing - the thing you’re reading!

In all seriousness, the Pocket and Hive manuals give you detailed information on everything from ‘how it works’, to running through the features of Pocket and Hive in detail.

If you have a question about features in the product, it may have already been answered in the FAQ sections found at the bottom of most of the manual pages. Take a look, and definitely ask us if you can’t find your answer!

Knowledge base

If you’ve stumbled across an error message (sorry about that!) or are having a specific issue that you’d love to solve, it’s also worth checking out our PaperCut Pocket and Hive Knowledge base.

The KB holds all kinds of gems including details on solutions for specific error messages, or answers to puzzling problems that crop up.

Known issues

We’d love for this section to be completely blank, but sometimes problems crop up and they need a more detailed fix than we can do in 1 day. If there’s something that’s bugging you and you’re wondering if it’s just you - check out the Pocket Known Issues and Hive Known Issues pages.

Terms of Service

Some people avoid them, some people love them. Know where you stand, with the terms laid out between a customer and PaperCut. Check out the PaperCut Pocket Terms of Service and PaperCut Hive Terms of Service pages.

Service Description

If you’re looking for more information on the inner workings of Pocket and Hive, including service availability targets, uptime targets, maintenance windows and more, find them over on the PaperCut Pocket Service Description and PaperCut Hive Service Description pages.

System Status page

Check out PaperCut Services Status Page to see if there are any outages impacting your environment.

If you’re still needing help

Now we’re intrigued! Hop over to the Contact page to contact us with your question. Please also include your Organization ID (found in your Pocket or Hive URL) when you contact us, so that we can find your account!