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Licensing terminology

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These are the most commonly used terms when talking about licensing in PaperCut MF.



Activation key

Each subscription has a unique activation key that must be entered in the PaperCut Admin web interface to activate the subscription and enable PaperCut MF to claim its entitlements.

PaperCut Software sends an email containing the activation key to the customer and/or Accredited Reseller.

A subscription must be activated before a site is considered an active installation.


Customer Reference Number


Entitlements are the features included in a subscription, such as printers, MFDs, Print Deploy, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Payment Gateways, and Release Stations.

Each subscription comprises a specific set of entitlements required by the customer. A customer can have multiple subscriptions, each containing multiple entitlements.

All entitlements for all customers are stored in the Global Entitlements Service.

Global Entitlements Service

This is where entitlement details are stored for every PaperCut customer across all regions.

PaperCut MF regularly checks with the entitlements service to track how many features (entitlements) in the subscription are being used.

The entitlements service:

  • is accessible only by PaperCut. It contains only transactional information

  • does not contain PII (personally identifiable information) or monetary information

  • is not used for historical or reporting purposes.


A license gives a customer the right to use PaperCut MF. A customer can be licensed to use PaperCut MF as a perpetual customer or subscription customer.


A method of giving customers the right to use PaperCut MF.

Perpetual customers have licenses that do not expire, and they can choose to purchase maintenance and support (M&S) from the second year onwards (the first year is mandatory). If a customer chooses not to renew their M&S, they can continue to use the software perpetually but might be restricted from updates, support, or included functionality or services.


A method of giving customers the right to use PaperCut MF version 24.0 and later and to receive a set of features together with maintenance and support.

A subscription is for a fixed term, with a specific start and end date, that include maintenance and support for the term of the subscription. After the subscription expires, the software stops functioning.