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[Legacy] Upgrade from PaperCut ChargeBack

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The functionality provided by PaperCut ChargeBack has now been rolled into PaperCut NG with a new licensing option for professional organizations (PaperCut NG professional client billing). All existing functionality provided by PaperCut ChargeBack, plus much more, is now offered in PaperCut NG version 11+. This move to a single online edition of PaperCut has been done to reduce the engineering and testing time around releases freeing up development resources so we can add more features faster. PaperCut ChargeBack users can upgrade by simply installing PaperCut NG over-the-top of their current install using the standard upgrade procedure. Your ChargeBack license will be detected and automatically converted to a PaperCut NG license with professional client billing enabled.

Upgrade method

PaperCut ChargeBack is designed to support “install over the top” upgrades. The latest version of PaperCut is always available from the download page at:

IMPORTANT: While the upgrade process utilises the PaperCut NG software, the instructions below are still applicable.

Upgrading from ChargeBack version 7.0 or later

The recommended upgrade procedure when running version 7.0 or later is:

  1. First check your eligibility to upgrade .

  2. If upgrading from version 6 or earlier, please read the important notes detailed at UpgradingToChargeBack7 .

  3. Schedule approximately 10 minutes downtime. It is suggested to choose a time of day with minimal network activity. If there is a large volume of data in the system (for example if the system has been running for more than a year, or there are more than 5,000 users) the upgrade may take longer. With very large installations it may be appropriate to schedule an hour or more of downtime.

  4. As a precaution, we recommend backing up the whole PaperCut directory before beginning. Existing overnight backups may have taken care of this task, however take a few moments to grab an up-to-date backup now. For example, create a zip archive of the directory:

    C:\Program Files\PaperCut ChargeBack\

  5. Download the latest version of PaperCut.

  6. Run the installer and install into the same location as the existing install.

  7. After the install has completed allow a few minutes before accessing the system. The system may need to perform a database upgrade and this will be performed in the background. If you try to access the application while a database upgrade is in progress a message displaying the upgrade status will be displayed. IMPORTANT: Do not shutdown the application while an upgrade is in progress. Wait for the upgrade to complete.

  8. After the install is complete, log into the system and perform some tests to ensure all is working as expected and the system is monitoring user activity as expected. Administrators may find the post upgrade test plan useful.

  9. IMPORTANT: Version 9, 10 and 11 are not compatible with old versions of the PaperCut Payment Gateway. If you are using PayPal or other banking gateway via the Payment Gateway add-on, you should upgrade the gateway to the latest version immediately after installing version 11.

    Note: Sites running on Microsoft Cluster servers should consult the documentation in cluster upgrade .