[Legacy] Upgrading to PaperCut ChargeBack 7 (or later) from an earlier version

Important: PaperCut ChargeBack 7 is a major upgrade. Please take the time to read this article in full.

PaperCut ChargeBack 7 introduces many new features and functions including much of the technology that was developed in PaperCut NG over the past two years. Some highlights include:

  • Improved client with options to remember searches, comments and other options.
  • Client software for Mac, Linux and Unix systems in addition to all versions of Windows.
  • New version for Apple Mac Servers
  • Ability to control access to accounts using Domain groups or user accounts.
  • Implement secure printing via the new release station support.
  • Full administration is now possible from anywhere on the network via a standard web browser.
  • Many new reports including reporting options in PDF.
  • Support for external database systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and others.
  • Support for many new languages and world regions.
  • More configurable and customizable interface.
  • XML Web Services APIs and scripting interface for advanced management.
  • Improved scalability now supports networks with over 20,000+ users.
  • Many bug fixes and improved reliability.

The system also has a new database data structure and format. The old Microsoft Access database backend was showing its age and has been replaced with a more enterprise database design. Because of this change the upgrade is more involved as old data is no longer compatible. We recommend choosing to upgrade at a time that allows you to start fresh with your print log data. For example:

  • At the end of your billing period (end-of-month, financial year, etc.)
  • At a period of low activity or when new projects are read to start.
  • At a time when you have the resources to close off and invoice existing jobs.

A clean fresh install of PaperCut ChargeBack 7 is recommended. Tools are however provided to help migrate important user account and shared account balance information and structure.

The recommended upgrade procedure is detailed in the PaperCut ChargeBack 7 user guide in Appendix G.


Alternatively if you are able to start afresh and are happy to forgo all existing data and settings, you may completely uninstall PaperCut ChargeBack 6 or earlier and then install version 7.

Client Software

The old client is not compatible with PaperCut ChargeBack 7. The old client software should be uninstalled and the new client software deployed. The new zero-install deployment strategy can assist with streamlining this upgrade process.

Future Upgrades

The PaperCut Software development team is aware that this major upgrade is quite painful. This is however the first major upgrade that has involved a fundamental database structure change. It is anticipated, and is in fact a focus of future development, that all future upgrades are seamless and 100% automated using an install-over-the-top procedure. This follows the practice already set in place with PaperCut NG (active for past 2 years).

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