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Print job finishing options

This page applies to:

Using a stapling unit

If you’re used to choosing a printer on your computer when you press File > Print, you’re probably used to also seeing finishing options such as stapling, binding, and folding. With PaperCut Hive and Pocket we do it differently! All the power of choosing the finishing options is on your mobile phone. For stapling to work:

  • the printer needs to be able to print using IPP
  • your users’ mobile devices need to have the PaperCut Hive or Pocket app installed and linked to their email.

How to staple a print job

  1. Print your document to the PaperCut Printer as you normally would, using either File > Print or Ctrl/command + P.
  2. Open the PaperCut Hive or Pocket mobile app. You’ll see the print job waiting for release.
  3. Tap the row of print job to open the finishing details page.
  4. Select the stapling option from the list.
  5. Set your chosen staple position.
  6. Release your print job. It will be stapled.