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About controlling access to printers

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 🔎 Admin console: Print Security > Access Control

Sometimes you need to limit the ability for people to print on certain printers. It might be that a particular room or floor locks down early so people can’t physically get to those printers after 5 pm. Or it could be that Alex from accounting just doesn’t like other people printing on their printer when they have the check-printing paper loaded!

Either way, you can set up rules for denials or warnings (depending on how harsh you want to be) to make sure that people know where they can and can’t print to.

For each type of rule, you can specify a rule name, choose which users and printers the rule applies to, set the hours in which the rule applies, and define a message that the user sees if the denial or warning is triggered.

Rule type
Rule behavior
WarnThis rule type means that the user can proceed to print anyway - after being presented with the warning message. If you had a warning set up that one one can print after 9 pm, then the user could say print anyway after seeing the warning message.
DenyThis rule type means that the user cannot proceed to print. For example if you had the same rule banning printing after 9 pm set to deny, then the person wouldn’t be able to print, no matter how much they wanted to.
Setting up a ‘Printing Denied’ message for users trying to print to a particular printer after hours.

Setting up a ‘Printing Denied’ message for users trying to print to a particular printer after hours.


Can I set up a rule to deny printing, but allow the user to print if they really need to?
Absolutely - make sure you select the Warn type of rule. A warn rule will show the warning message to the user, but ultimately lets them continue to print if they want to.
Where do I manage user access to the organization overall?
If you’re looking to invite or remove users, head over to the Manage > Users section.
Can I set up rules for groups of users rather than selecting users individually?
It’s a great question! We’re working on getting this feature added, so you’ll be able to manage groups of users more easily!
Can I set up rules to warn people if they print too many pages or print sensitive documents?
Absolutely! There are lots of different warnings and printing notifications that you can set up for that kind of scenario. Check them out under Configure > Reduce Waste > Safety Net.

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