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Job Ticketing is an easy to use order submission and management tool for in-house print rooms and 3D fabrication labs (FabLabs). The Operator interface provides a visual workflow that helps track a job from submission through to being delivered to a customer.

The Job Ticketing operator interface.

The Operator interface has four main areas:

  1. Actions bar - The top of the page provides buttons that allow you to perform actions within Job Ticketing, such as:
    • create a new order
    • manage customer announcements
    • switch to the customer web interface
    • logout
    • open the Help Center
  2. Search and filters - The Search field and filters allow you to select which orders are displayed on the page.
  3. View selector - You can choose between the following views:
    • Workflow - a visual display of orders sorted by status (see Workflow view)
    • Order List - a list of all orders in the system ordered by last activity date (see Order List view)
  4. Order summary - The main area on the screen displays a summary of orders.
    • The way in which orders are displayed is dependent on the selected view.

As a print room operator, you can do the following in Job Ticketing: